BREAKING: Govula Venkatesh : “Mastermind Behind 11 Murders Arrested for Luring Victims with Buried Treasure”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Nagarkurnool police made a significant breakthrough on Tuesday by apprehending a 47-year-old man who is believed to be the mastermind behind a series of heinous crimes spanning the past three years. Ramati Satyanarayana, the accused, was arrested for his alleged involvement in 11 murders across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka. The police revealed that Satyanarayana enticed his victims by promising to assist them in uncovering buried treasures.

The victims, hailing from various districts including Nagarkurnool, Wanaparthy, Kollapur, Kalwakurthy, Balaganoor, and Anantapur, fell prey to Satyanarayana’s deceitful tactics. He gained their trust and then coerced them into accompanying him to secluded locations, where he poured acid into their mouths, claiming it to be holy water. This “theertham” was, in fact, poisoned with a concoction of herbs. The police discovered traces of this deadly poison and confiscated five bottles containing the substance.

The investigation into Satyanarayana’s crimes commenced when one of his victims, Govula Venkatesh, failed to return home after meeting him in Nagarkurnool on November 3. Concerned, Venkatesh’s wife and two family members confronted Satyanarayana, who evaded their questions and appeared suspicious. Subsequently, on November 26, Venkatesh’s wife filed a missing person complaint with the Nagarkurnool police.

Prior to this, Satyanarayana was already a suspect in the 2022 murder case of Vasrala Lingaswamy, which occurred within the jurisdiction of the Nagarkurnool police station. The police identified a potential link between the two cases after receiving a complaint against Satyanarayana. Further investigation revealed that Venkatesh and his friend had approached the accused seeking help in finding hidden treasures. Satyanarayana agreed to assist them in exchange for money and instructed Venkatesh to place herbs in specific locations where he believed the treasures were buried.

During the ritualistic process, Satyanarayana informed Venkatesh that three pregnant women needed to be sacrificed to reveal the treasure’s location. When Venkatesh refused, the accused convinced him of an alternative procedure and lured him to the outskirts of Jalalpur village. There, under the pretense of offering him theertham, Satyanarayana killed Venkatesh.

The police investigation unveiled a pattern in Satyanarayana’s modus operandi, which he employed in 10 other cases since 2020. He would deceive victims with promises of hidden treasure, extort money from them, or transfer their properties under his name. After staging a ritual with herbs, he would lead them to secluded areas, poison them, and then inflict fatal injuries by hurling large boulders. Notably, four of the 11 victims were women, and there is no suspicion of sexual harassment in any of the cases, according to SI Mahender.

The breakthrough in this case came when Venkatesh’s friend provided crucial information to the police, confirming their involvement in the search for hidden treasure. Despite Satyanarayana’s denial, the police obtained technical evidence, including call recordings, that led to his arrest. The Nagarkurnool CI’s further investigation into the confession of the accused exposed the shocking revelation of his involvement in the sensational killings of ten more individuals, as stated by LS Chowhan, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Mahbubnagar.

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