BREAKING: Manoranjan D, Sagar Sharma : Father of Manoranjan Condemns Parliament Security Breach; Says Son Should Face Consequences

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Father of Manoranjan, the individual responsible for the security breach in Parliament on Wednesday, has expressed his disapproval of his son’s actions. In a statement to news agency ANI, Devraj condemned the act, emphasizing that such behavior should not be tolerated. He stated, “This is wrong, nobody should engage in such activities. If my son has done something positive, I will support him. However, if he has done something wrong, I strongly condemn it. If he has acted against society’s interests, he should face the consequences.”

Manoranjan, a qualified engineer, played a central role in the breach alongside another individual named Sagar Sharma. The duo gained access to the Lok Sabha chamber from the public gallery, releasing yellow smoke from canisters. Surprisingly, their entry into the Parliament was facilitated using a visitor’s pass issued in the name of BJP MP Pratap Simha from Mysore.

Hailing from Mysore, Karnataka, Manoranjan D, 35, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Vivekanand University in Bengaluru. The incident occurred at approximately 1 pm during the Zero hour, as the two intruders jumped from public gallery number four. They also shouted slogans protesting against dictatorship, exclaiming “tanashahi nahi chalegi” (dictatorship will not be allowed), according to the police.

Beyond the breach within the Parliament, authorities also detained two individuals, including a woman, outside the premises for protesting and using color smoke cans. Overall, four individuals have been apprehended in connection with this incident thus far.

With inputs from Arvind Ojha, it is evident that the repercussions of this security breach will continue to unfold. The condemnation from Manoranjan’s father highlights the severity of the situation, emphasizing the need for accountability and responsibility. As investigations progress, it is crucial to ensure that such breaches are prevented in the future to maintain the sanctity and security of Parliament.

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