BREAKING: Manoranjan, Sagar Sharma, Neelam, Amol Shinde : “Two Men Identified in Parliament Security Breach; Samples Collected: Sources”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : New Delhi: The individuals who managed to breach the security at the Lok Sabha hall on Wednesday have been successfully identified, according to sources close to the matter. Additionally, the forensic science laboratory (FSL) has collected samples for further investigation.

The two men have been identified as Manoranjan, a resident of Karnataka, and Sagar Sharma. Authorities have also detained two other protesters, a man and a woman, who were found protesting with color smoke flares outside Parliament.

The detained duo has been identified as Neelam, a resident of Hisar in Haryana, and Amol Shinde, a resident of Latur, Maharashtra. Deputy Commissioner of Police (New Delhi), Pranav Tayal, explained that the “protest” incident took place outside Parliament in front of Transport Bhawan, which is a busy road.

Meanwhile, various intelligence agencies, including the Intelligence Bureau and Special Cell, have reached the Parliament Street police station where Neelam and Amol are currently being held. Authorities are working to determine if the two men caught inside the Lok Sabha and the other two caught outside are connected in any way.

The individuals who entered the well of the Lok Sabha raised slogans, stating, “Kaala Kanoon Nahi Chalega, Gundagardi nahi chalegi” (Unjust laws will not prevail, hooliganism will not be tolerated). Sources have clarified that this incident is not linked to any terrorist attack.

A video circulating on social media has also surfaced, revealing one of the individuals skillfully navigating the Lok Sabha halls while holding a yellow-colored flare. Astonishingly, the smoke flare was concealed within the individual’s shoes, managing to bypass initial security checks.

The FSL team has collected samples of the colored smoke flares used both outside and inside the Parliament. “Marking and photography have been done on the spot, and samples have been collected for further investigation. We will be testing the chemicals used in the smoke flares,” stated the sources.

The authorities are determined to thoroughly investigate the security breach and ensure the safety and integrity of the Parliament. The incident serves as a reminder of the constant need for vigilance and improvement in security measures to prevent such occurrences in the future.

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