BREAKING : “Men Identified in Lok Sabha Gas Release; Two Suspects Still on the Run”

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Chaos Ensues in Lok Sabha as Men Release Yellow Gas from Canisters

In a shocking turn of events today, two men created chaos in the Lok Sabha by jumping from the public gallery and releasing yellow gas from canisters. The identities of these individuals have been revealed as Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan D from Mysuru.

According to reliable sources, it has been discovered that this disruptive act was a part of a well-planned conspiracy involving six individuals. While two of them caused havoc inside the premises, the other two were responsible for creating disturbances outside. The authorities are currently intensifying their search for the remaining two suspects, who are now on the run.

This unprecedented incident has left the entire Lok Sabha in a state of shock and disbelief. Such a breach of security within the esteemed legislative body raises serious concerns about the safety measures in place.

The release of yellow gas not only caused immediate panic among the members of parliament but also led to a temporary disruption of the ongoing proceedings. The smell of the gas lingered in the air, causing discomfort and unease among the parliamentarians and staff present in the chamber.

While there have been no reports of any injuries or casualties resulting from the incident, it has undoubtedly highlighted the urgent need for a thorough review of the security protocols within the Lok Sabha. The authorities must ensure that such breaches are not repeated in the future and that stringent measures are put in place to prevent any further disruptions.

The identification of the two individuals involved in this incident is a significant breakthrough for the investigating agencies. It is expected that the captured suspects will provide valuable information about the motives and the masterminds behind this shocking act.

The nation eagerly awaits further updates on the ongoing investigation and the measures that will be taken to safeguard the sanctity and security of the Lok Sabha.

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