Christina Pierre : “NC Police Officer Suspended for Excessive Force While Arresting Woman”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Charlotte, North Carolina – A police officer in Charlotte-Mecklenburg has been suspended following an incident last month where he struck a woman multiple times during an arrest. The suspension was announced by Police Chief Johnny Jennings after body camera footage of the incident was released.

The investigation into the excessive use of force allegations against Officer Vincent Pistone concluded that 17 strikes were delivered to the woman, identified as Christina Pierre, as officers attempted to place her in custody. Chief Jennings stated that while the first three strikes were deemed necessary to restrain Pierre, the following 14 strikes were determined by the Independent Chain of Command Review Board to be unjustified.

As a result, Officer Pistone has been suspended for 40 hours and will be required to undergo additional training. The decision to release the body camera footage was made after the Charlotte City Council reviewed it during a meeting on Monday, and a judge granted the police department’s request to release the videos.

Over 30 videos were released by the department, capturing various angles of the incident. The footage begins with the initial encounter between the police, Pierre, and Anthony Lee outside a Bojangles restaurant on Arrowood Road. The videos show the escalating confrontation between the officers and the individuals, ultimately leading to their arrests.

Warning: The released footage contains graphic content that may be disturbing to some viewers.

In one of the videos, officers approach Pierre and Lee at a bus stop and question them about smoking marijuana. Pierre claims to have purchased the cigarette from a smoke shop, but officers proceed to detain both individuals without providing a reason. The situation quickly escalates, with Pierre and Lee struggling against the officers and eventually being brought to the ground.

Additional videos show backup officers arriving at the scene, with one officer repeatedly kneeing and punching Pierre while she is on the ground. Bystanders recorded the incident, capturing the officer’s excessive use of force. Pierre’s attorney, Lauren Newton, claims that the footage does not show the moment when an officer punched her in the face, an action allegedly taken after she punched an officer twice.

Although the substance Pierre was smoking tested positive for marijuana, her attorney argues that it was a legal substance called THCA, which was purchased from a smoke shop. The district attorney dropped the charges against Pierre and Lee nearly two weeks ago.

In addition to the footage, the released videos also feature interviews with witnesses who express their belief that the officers’ actions were unwarranted. The incident has sparked public outrage and calls for accountability within the police department.

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