Clarence Wilson : “Man’s Body Found in Texas Lake Identified After 35 Years: Clarence Wilson”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Body of Man Found in Crater Lake Identified After 35 Years

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) — The body of a man that was found in Crater Lake in Montgomery County in 1986 has finally been identified as Clarence Wilson. Detectives have determined that Wilson was shot twice, at least once in the head, and had cinderblocks tied to him to weigh him down in the water.

For nearly four decades, Wilson’s identity remained unknown until new DNA tests revealed that he had family living in California. His sister, Gwen Tranum, expressed her shock and disbelief at the revelation, saying, “We just assumed he was in Texas living his life, and all this time, he was dead.”

The case was assigned to Montgomery County Detective Fadi Rizk in 2020. Rizk explained that Wilson’s body had been exhumed in 2015 for DNA analysis, but at the time, no matches were found in the national database. However, Rizk believed that advancements in genealogy DNA testing could provide new leads in the case.

Rizk sent the DNA samples to Othram Lab in The Woodlands, where they were able to identify a potential relative through Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy. This breakthrough led them to Tranum, who agreed to provide a DNA sample for comparison. The investigators were finally able to match the DNA to Wilson’s, confirming his identity.

Tranum expressed her devastation upon learning that her brother had been dead for 37 years. She shared that Wilson was known as “Red” due to his distinctive hair color.

Rizk revealed that there were previously identified persons of interest in the case, but they had been ruled out. With Wilson’s identity now known, Rizk and his team can start delving into his life and unraveling the circumstances surrounding his death.

The identification of Clarence Wilson’s body after such a long period brings a glimmer of hope to cold cases everywhere. It highlights the importance of advancements in DNA technology and the tireless efforts of detectives like Rizk who never give up on finding justice for the victims and closure for their families.

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