Kerlande Williams Marcelline Racine : “Newlywed Florida Couple Shot Dead by Jilted Ex: Kerlande Williams & Marcelline Racine”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Tragic Shooting Claims Lives of Newly Married Couple in West Palm Beach

In a horrifying incident that has left the community in shock, Pastor Kerlande Williams and his wife, Marcelline Racine, were shot dead at their West Palm Beach residence. The alleged perpetrator is believed to be Racine’s jilted ex-husband, Sony Josaphat. The incident occurred just a week after the couple’s joyous wedding ceremony and a month after Racine’s divorce from Josaphat was finalized.

According to the police, the couple had been installing surveillance cameras outside their home when Josaphat arrived and opened fire, fatally shooting both Williams and Racine. The newlyweds were pronounced dead at the scene. Witnesses reported that Josaphat had parked across the street, walked through the couple’s yard, and greeted them politely before pulling out a pistol and shooting them. Josaphat then fled the scene, leaving the bodies of the victims on the sidewalk.

Racine’s adult daughter was present at the residence and witnessed the tragic incident. It has been revealed that Josaphat had been upset with Racine for ignoring his phone calls and had allegedly been controlling during their relationship. Racine’s relatives described him as controlling and stated that he had been disrespectful towards her.

After the shooting, Josaphat turned himself in to the police. He has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and is currently being held without bond. In a police report, Josaphat admitted to the slayings and expressed remorse, stating that he knew what he did was wrong and that he had never done anything like this before.

The devastating loss of Pastor Kerlande Williams and Marcelline Racine has left their family, friends, and community in mourning. Racine’s sister mentioned that the couple had been filled with joy since their wedding day and were looking forward to starting a new chapter in their lives together. The couple’s love and happiness were evident to all who knew them.

The tragedy serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing issues of domestic violence and providing support to those in abusive relationships. The court hearing for Josaphat is scheduled for January 8, where justice will be sought for the senseless act of violence that has shattered the lives of so many.

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