Neelam Anmol Shinde Sagar Sharma : “Loksabha Security Breach: Major Infiltration and Smoke Canister Disruption in Parliament House”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Loksabha Security Breach: Major Breach at New Parliament House

Security at the new Parliament House faced a significant breach today when two individuals infiltrated the Lok Sabha during its winter-session proceedings. The incident, which unfolded during ongoing proceedings, saw two youths, later identified as Sagar Sharma and an unnamed man, disrupt the session by exploding smoke canisters, filling the entire House with yellow-red colored smoke. This shocking security breach has been widely reported by, shedding light on the individuals responsible for this alarming incident.

The identity of the person who jumped inside the chamber from the audience gallery has been revealed as Sagar Sharma. However, his place of origin and the motive behind his actions are yet to be determined.

In a separate development, two other protesters who were demonstrating outside the Parliament, raising slogans such as ‘Tanashahi Nahi Chalegi’ (Dictatorship will not prevail), were swiftly apprehended by the police. The woman who released the smoke canister, emitting the yellow-red smoke, was later identified as Neelam from Hisar, Haryana, while the man was identified as Anmol Shinde from Latur, Maharashtra. Interestingly, reports suggest a potential connection between the two incidents, indicating the involvement of a single group.

All four arrested individuals, including those responsible for the security breach, are believed to be part of the same group. While the two protesters detained outside Transport Bhawan have been taken to Parliament Bhawan police station, the two intruders remain in the custody of Parliament House security.

Multiple agencies are now conducting investigations to determine when and how these four individuals arrived in Delhi. Once this information is established, appropriate sections and police stations will decide the charges to be filed against them. Due to the presence of media personnel outside the Parliament House police station, access has been restricted by barricading the main gate.

Earlier, DCP Rajiv Ranjan Singh of the Special Cell and the IB team arrived at Sansad Marg police station to coordinate their efforts. They are diligently interrogating the individuals to ascertain any potential affiliations with organizations.

This security breach has raised concerns about the effectiveness of the security measures in place at the new Parliament House. The incident highlights the urgent need for a thorough review and enhancement of security protocols to prevent such breaches in the future.

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