Stuart Rouse Cristina Rouse Ronald Eric Rouse Kristina Rouse Melissa Rouse : “Five Family Members Killed in Apparent Murder-Suicide at Orchards Home”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Tragic Murder-Suicide Claims Five Lives in Orchards Home

A devastating murder-suicide incident took place on Sunday at a residence in Orchards, leaving five family members dead. The victims have been identified by family members as Stuart Rouse, 64, Cristina Rouse, 63, Ronald Eric Rouse, 57, Kristina Rouse, 33, and Melissa Rouse, 19, according to a text message sent by Anne Aquino, an in-law, to The Columbian. While the authorities have not officially released their identities, they have confirmed the familial relationship among the victims.

During a press conference held on Monday, Clark County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Chris Skidmore revealed that the tragedy unfolded when a man shot his wife, their two adult daughters, and his adult brother before turning the gun on himself. Astonishingly, the apparent shooter had no known criminal history, and there had been no previous police involvement at the residence located on N.E. 92nd St.

In a heartbreaking text message, Aquino shared that Stuart Rouse, the father and apparent shooter, had undiagnosed PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Aquino described him as a patriotic man who served his country and a caring and protective father. The surviving sons of Stuart Rouse described their deceased sisters as intelligent, generous, and kind-hearted individuals who prioritized helping others. Cristina Rouse was even captured in a photo volunteering for FISH, a local emergency food bank.

The shocking incident has left the family and friends shattered, as expressed in a GoFundMe page set up by Aquino to cover the funeral costs. Clark County Sheriff John Horch offered his condolences and labeled the shooting as a senseless tragedy. He emphasized the need to combat domestic violence, which affects the entire community.

Deputies were alerted to the incident after receiving a text from the apparent shooter, stating that he had harmed others in the house. However, the relative who received the text did not see it until four hours later, prompting them to contact 911. Despite attempts by responding deputies to establish contact with the residents, they were unsuccessful. Utilizing drones, law enforcement entered the house and discovered several deceased individuals. The absence of any shots fired when they arrived led authorities to believe that the family had already perished.

Neighbors expressed shock over the incident, describing the Rouse family as a typical and normal family. J.D. Hartman, one of the neighbors, highlighted the need for increased mental health resources in the area, considering the tragedy’s impact. This incident, along with another mass shooting in Dallas, has added to the alarming rise in mass shootings across the country, setting a new record for the year.

To support the grieving family, a GoFundMe page has been set up at The community is rallying together to provide solace and financial assistance during this difficult time.

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