The victims or deceased in the incident are not mentioned in the provided text. : Man Faces Felony Charges for Injuring First Responders in Impaired Driving Incident

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : The man who allegedly injured four Adams County first responders while driving impaired last week is now facing multiple felony vehicular assault charges, along with a misdemeanor, according to the district attorney’s office. Benjamin Winters, 24, was charged on Wednesday with vehicular assault while driving under the influence, a fourth-degree felony, and reckless vehicular assault, a fifth-degree felony.

The incident occurred when two Commerce City police officers and two Adams County firefighters were struck by a suspected impaired driver, later identified as Winters, while they were investigating a separate DUI crash on Interstate 76 on the evening of December 7. A firetruck was blocking two lanes of traffic, allowing drivers to pass on the shoulder. However, Winters allegedly drove through police barricades and hit the two officers and two firefighters.

Commerce City Police Chief Darrel Guadnola expressed his dismay at the driver’s actions, saying, “This driver, for whatever reason, found a small opening between the left shoulder and the back of the fire apparatus and decided to go around the left instead of the right, at which time he struck the four individuals who were working.”

All four first responders were immediately taken to the hospital. As of Friday, one police officer and one firefighter were still receiving medical treatment. The incident prompted a passionate response from both the police and fire departments, with South Adams County Fire Chief Ken Koger stating in a media briefing, “Being a firefighter today, walking into burning buildings is not the danger of the job anymore. It’s being on the highway. This has got to stop. I don’t know what we have to do. But it’s going to change.”

Winters was scheduled to appear in Adams County court later on Wednesday to face the charges against him.

This incident serves as a reminder of the dangers that first responders face while carrying out their duties. It also highlights the urgent need to address the issue of impaired driving. The police and fire departments are calling for stricter measures and increased awareness to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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