The victims or deceased name from the provided information is not mentioned. : “Officer-involved shooting kills two dogs after unprovoked attack on Tri-State business owner”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : SPRINGDALE, Ohio (WXIX) – Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office conducted a thorough investigation into an officer-involved shooting incident that resulted in the death of two dogs. The dogs had launched an unprovoked attack on a local business owner in the Tri-State area.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, just before 9:30 a.m., when the Springdale Police Department received a distressing 911 call. It was reported that a 62-year-old co-owner of Tri-County Golf Ranch was being viciously attacked by two large dogs within his business premises.

Responding swiftly to the call, Springdale police officers arrived at the scene only to find the attack still in progress. Faced with an imminent threat to the victim’s life, one of the officers was forced to employ his duty weapon to defend the business owner.

The police department commended the officer’s quick thinking, acknowledging that his actions were crucial in saving the victim from further harm. Unfortunately, during the intervention, one of the rounds fired struck the victim in the leg. The injured victim was promptly transported to University Hospital, where he received treatment for serious, yet non-life-threatening injuries sustained during the dog attack.

Further investigations revealed that the attacking dogs belonged to the victim’s business partner. The Sheriff’s Office also identified the officer involved in the incident as Michael DiStefano, an esteemed 11-year veteran of the Springdale Police Department.

In light of this incident, it is essential to note that the authorities are committed to ensuring public safety while also ensuring the well-being of all individuals involved. The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office will continue to review and analyze the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate event to determine if any further actions need to be taken.

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