The victims or deceased name: – The man accused of raping his estranged girlfriend (not mentioned in the article) – The man’s driver (not mentioned in the article) – Souvik Das (arrested for driving the man’s car) : Kolkata Police Arrests Three in Connection with Abduction of Rape Accused

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Kolkata Police Arrest Three Individuals from Hyderabad in Abduction Case

In a recent development, the Kolkata police have apprehended three individuals from Hyderabad for their alleged involvement in the abduction of a man accused of raping his estranged girlfriend. The arrested individuals have been identified as Vikram Das (37), Ayan Das (32), and Sushanta Mandal (34). It is believed that they were planning to flee to Mumbai when they were caught. Prior to reaching Hyderabad, the accused had traveled to Odisha and Visakhapatnam, as per the police.

According to a senior police official, the accused individuals are responsible for abducting both the man accused of rape and his driver. They had reportedly kidnapped the man and drove around in his car. Vikram, one of the prime accused, was already involved in a fraud case registered in Mumbai. He allegedly kidnapped the man in Kolkata with the intention of demanding ransom, hoping to use it to repay the fraud money.

The incident unfolded when a woman in Kolkata accused her estranged boyfriend of raping her in a moving car after drugging her drink. During the investigation, the police discovered that the man was missing and suspected that he may have fled. However, their search led them to find the man in an apartment, where he was found tied up. Based on CCTV footage and other circumstantial evidence, the police began suspecting that the rape complaint could potentially be false. In a twist of events, the man filed a counter-complaint, accusing the woman of abducting him.

Further scrutiny of the CCTV footage by officials from Netaji Nagar police station revealed that a young man named Souvik Das was driving the victim’s car. Subsequently, Souvik was arrested. The investigation then led the police to Vikram’s whereabouts, which were traced to Hyderabad. A team from Netaji Nagar police station was dispatched to Hyderabad, resulting in the arrest of Vikram and two of his associates.

The Kolkata police have been praised for their swift action in apprehending the suspects and resolving this complicated case. The accused individuals will now face legal proceedings for their alleged involvement in the abduction. As the investigation progresses, more details regarding the motive behind the abduction are expected to come to light.

Overall, the arrest of these individuals marks a significant step towards ensuring justice for the victim and serves as a reminder that law enforcement agencies are committed to upholding the law and bringing criminals to justice.

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