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Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Woman Charged After Nearly Running Over Indianapolis Police Officer During Investigation of Officer-Involved Shooting

In a shocking incident, a woman has been charged after she allegedly almost ran over an officer with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) while they were investigating an officer-involved shooting early Sunday morning. The incident occurred on the near northwest side of Indianapolis.

The suspect, identified as 24-year-old Patricia Johnson, has been charged with one count of criminal recklessness, a Level 6 felony, along with two misdemeanors related to operating a vehicle while intoxicated. The charges were filed based on the events that unfolded during the investigation.

According to previous reports, the incident took place after a chase that ensued following an illegal street racing event. During the pursuit, an IMPD officer fired his weapon near the intersection of 30th and Tibbs Ave. The chase ultimately led to the arrest of 23-year-old Sebastian Jimenez.

At around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, officers were on the scene investigating the incident when Johnson, driving a silver Chevrolet, attempted to drive past the barricade set up by the police. Despite the officer’s instructions to reverse her vehicle, Johnson claimed there was an issue with her tire.

As the officer walked around the front of Johnson’s vehicle to avoid being struck, she allegedly rapidly accelerated while making a left turn, narrowly missing the officer. Johnson continued to accelerate to perform a U-turn, prompting officers to order her to stop and exit the vehicle.

The investigation revealed that Johnson’s vehicle had a completely shredded and torn rear tire. Additionally, officers reported smelling a strong odor of alcohol on Johnson’s breath when she was apprehended. She was subsequently taken to a local hospital to have her blood drawn.

Johnson is scheduled to appear in court on January 4, 2024, for an initial hearing regarding the charges against her.

This incident highlights the dangers law enforcement officers face while carrying out their duties and the importance of following instructions during ongoing investigations. The IMPD will continue to investigate the officer-involved shooting and the events surrounding it to ensure the safety of the community.

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