The victims or deceased names from the given text are not mentioned. : Israeli Army Admits Operational Errors in Gaza Strip, Resulting in Deaths of 20 Soldiers

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Israeli Army Reports Internal Fire Accidents Resulting in the Death of Soldiers in Gaza Strip

The Israeli Army has released a statement acknowledging the deaths of a number of soldiers due to internal fire accidents in the Gaza Strip. The army attributed these incidents to various factors, including the presence of a large number of troops in the field, the duration of the war, fatigue, lack of operational discipline, and coordination issues. The army admitted that these operational incidents could have been avoided in most cases.

According to Sputnik, the Israeli army revealed that out of the 105 soldiers killed in the ground operation in the Gaza Strip, 20 were killed due to internal fire and operational accidents. Shockingly, 13 of these soldiers were mistakenly identified as “Palestinian forces.” The deaths occurred as a result of mistakes made during reconnaissance operations, including airstrikes, tank bullets, and shootings.

One incident that occurred last week involved a helicopter mistakenly targeting a building where Israeli forces were present. The ground forces had requested air support after identifying a number of Hamas forces, but the helicopter ended up targeting the wrong building.

The Yedioth Aharonot newspaper reported that operational incidents and internal fire accidents have resulted in the deaths and injuries of numerous Israeli soldiers. However, due to the sensitivity of the soldiers’ families and the ongoing war, the military has not emphasized casualties resulting from internal fire. Nevertheless, a preliminary investigation was conducted during the ceasefire period.

In the previous month, the Israeli army had announced that eight soldiers were killed by internal fire within a week.

As the occupation war in the Gaza Strip enters its 67th day, intense bombings continue to target vital infrastructure, including hospitals, shelters, schools, and houses. The resistance movement remains active in areas such as Khan Yunis, Shujaiyeh, and Jabalia. This ongoing conflict, which started with the Palestinian resistance’s Al-Aqsa storm operation, has resulted in over 18,000 Palestinian deaths and approximately 48,000 injuries. It has also caused severe destruction to Gaza’s infrastructure, leading to an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

Despite international organizations’ calls to halt the war and the continued crimes of the Zionist regime against the people of Gaza, the US State Department recently approved the sale of cannonballs for the tanks of the Israeli army.

In conclusion, the Israeli Army’s acknowledgment of internal fire accidents resulting in the deaths of soldiers sheds light on the challenges faced during the ground operation in the Gaza Strip. The tragic incidents highlight the need for improved operational discipline and coordination to prevent such casualties in the future.

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