The victims or deceased names from the provided information are: – Jerry Cha-Jan Chang – Patricia Navarro-Velez – Naoko Takemaru : Former UNLV Shooter Resigned from Teaching Position After Making Sexual Comments

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Former Student Reveals Sexual Comments Made by UNLV Shooter in Wake of Tragic Incident

In a shocking revelation, a former student of Anthony Polito, the man responsible for the recent shooting at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), has come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior. Kristin Marshburn, who had attended Polito’s business class at East Carolina University (ECU) in 2016, stated that he made sexual comments about her outfit during a class session.

According to Marshburn, Polito made the inappropriate remark when she was seated in the front row. He allegedly said that if she continued to wear a low-cut shirt for the rest of the semester, she would be guaranteed an A grade. Marshburn was taken aback by the audacity of the comment, especially considering the number of students present in the class. She recalled the expressions of shock and disapproval on the faces of her fellow classmates.

Disturbed by Polito’s comment, Marshburn reported the incident to the business school’s dean on the same day. Subsequently, Polito resigned from his tenured teaching position in January 2017. The exact reason for his departure remains unclear, but Marshburn believes that her report played a role in his resignation.

The recent shooting at UNLV, where Polito killed three professors and injured another, has brought his past misconduct to light. The victims have been identified as Jerry Cha-Jan Chang, Patricia Navarro-Velez, and Naoko Takemaru, all esteemed professors at the university. Police are still investigating the motive behind the violent act, but it has been revealed that Polito had unsuccessfully applied for a professor position at UNLV in 2020. Authorities suggest that his financial difficulties and multiple rejections may have contributed to his actions.

Furthermore, Marshburn is not the only woman to accuse Polito of inappropriate behavior. Another former student, who wishes to remain anonymous, has stated that Polito pursued her relentlessly for an entire semester, bombarding her with frequent emails, texts, and even gifts. She expressed feeling preyed upon by his actions.

These disturbing revelations highlight the importance of addressing and reporting instances of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior in educational institutions. It is crucial to create a safe and respectful environment for students and faculty alike. The tragedy at UNLV serves as a reminder of the need for proactive measures to prevent such incidents and support those affected by them.

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