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Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A fugitive wanted for criminal charges in Texas was apprehended in Las Vegas on December 8 after engaging in multiple high-speed attempts to evade capture.

According to an arrest report, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) officers from the LVMPD Sex Offender Apprehension Program were assigned the task of locating and apprehending Edmon Herron, who had an extraditable warrant from Harris County, TX.

On November 30, LVMPD detectives discovered the suspect’s residence on the 400 block of Astillero St. Law enforcement officers attempted a felony stop on the suspect’s white Mercedes, which had Tennessee license plates.

The suspect, identified as Herron, disregarded the command to stop and instead accelerated at high speeds exceeding 100 MPH in an active school drop-off zone, where numerous families and children were present. Fearing for public safety, the detectives made the decision not to pursue the suspect.

Continuing their investigation, plainclothes detectives conducted a surveillance and apprehension operation at the Astillero residence on December 8. At approximately 8:40 a.m., as soon as they arrived, they observed a white Mercedes, matching the suspect’s vehicle, exiting an open garage and speeding away.

During the pursuit, the suspect passed a police officer who had a clear view of the driver, who bore a striking resemblance to recent booking and driver’s license photos of Herron. The suspect proceeded to enter a nearby elementary school, with numerous children and adults present, before dropping off an unknown juvenile and returning to the residence. The police unmistakably identified the suspect as Herron for the second time.

Subsequently, when the police attempted another stop, the suspect once again recklessly fled the neighborhood, running a stop sign in a school zone. Due to concerns for public safety, the officers chose not to engage in a pursuit.

Finally, at a different residence on the 90 block of Gulf Pines Avenue, detectives located the suspect on December 8. Observing Herron entering the driver’s seat of a black Mercedes with Nevada plates, accompanied by another individual who turned out to be the registered owner of the car, the police called in additional resources, including an air unit, a K9 unit, and more officers.

Despite the limited resources available due to President Biden’s visit to Las Vegas that day, an attempt was made to stop the vehicle near E. Russell Rd. and Maryland Parkway. However, the suspect refused to comply and reached speeds of up to 80 MPH, endangering the public by disobeying stop signs and maneuvering through a neighborhood.

Due to the high traffic flow in the area and the resource constraints caused by the President’s presence, detectives decided not to continue the pursuit.

At approximately 2:12 p.m., police spotted a man matching Herron’s description walking southbound near the intersection of Lincoln Road and E. Cartier Avenue. When they attempted to detain him, the suspect fled, cutting through backyards on the 2600 block of N. Gateway Road.

Finally, at 3:33 p.m., Herron was discovered hiding inside a makeshift shack and was subsequently taken into custody without incident. After confirming his identity, the police stated that Herron would be extradited to Texas to face the charges against him.

During the apprehension, Herron claimed to be a “family man,” but the police report highlighted the fact that he had engaged in multiple high-speed pursuits that had the potential to cause harm to innocent individuals.

“It was fun, though,” the suspect confessed, referring to his experiences driving the vehicle in question.

Following his arrest, Herron requested medical attention for an injured ankle and was then booked into the Clark County Detention Center on two counts of evading a police officer, endangering the public, and one count of obstructing a public official.

Herron is scheduled to appear in the Clark County Justice Court for a preliminary hearing on December 27, with bail set at $10,000.

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