There are no victims or deceased mentioned in the given text. : Inter-state Illicit Liquor Racket Busted, Three Arrested near Talapady Border

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Mangaluru: A major breakthrough was made by the Excise Department in Mangaluru as they successfully busted an inter-state illicit liquor racket near the Talapady border, leading to the arrest of three individuals. The raid, led by Excise Department Deputy Commissioner T M Srinivas, resulted in the seizure of a staggering 2,240 liters of spirit, 222 liters of counterfeit brandy, and a packaging machine. This operation took place at a residence located in Santya, within the Kinya panchayat limits of the Dakshina Kannada district.

In a separate raid, the Excise Department sources revealed that 210 liters of spirit, 20 liters of fake brandy, 2.24 liters of counterfeit Prestige whisky, and a car carrying 70 liters of spirit were confiscated from a house near the Talapady mosque. The accused individuals have been identified as Sathish of Talapady, Naushad, and Ansif, both residents of Kunjathur. Unfortunately, another suspect named Nithyananda Bhandary managed to evade capture during the raid.

The Excise team is currently engaged in the crucial task of identifying all those involved in this illicit liquor racket. This operation signifies a significant blow to the underground network of illegal liquor trade and highlights the dedication and commitment of the Excise Department personnel in curbing such activities.

This successful raid not only prevents the distribution of harmful spirits and counterfeit alcohol but also indicates the level of organization and sophistication that these criminals possess. The Excise Department’s accomplishment serves as a stern warning to those who attempt to profit from the illegal liquor trade.

The Excise Department’s relentless efforts to protect public health and safety are deeply appreciated by the community. The seizure of such large quantities of illicit liquor not only prevents potential harm to individuals but also safeguards the reputation of the region. The Excise Department’s dedication and vigilance in combating illegal activities are commendable, and their ongoing efforts to dismantle this inter-state illicit liquor racket will undoubtedly yield more arrests and dismantle the entire network.

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