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Oklahoma City, OK – It has been a night of celebration here in Oklahoma City as Mayor David Holt took the stage to declare victory in the election for a new downtown arena. The results came in exactly as he had hoped, with an overwhelming majority in favor of funding the $900 million project. This historic vote ensures that the Thunder will remain in Oklahoma City until 2050, keeping the thunder alive in this vibrant city.

In an exclusive interview, Mayor Holt expressed his excitement and gratitude for the city’s support. He described the margin of victory as a historic one, representing a consensus and validation that Oklahoma City is on the right track. He believes that this win solidifies the city’s status as a big league city and sets the stage for a renaissance that will continue for another generation.

Mayor Holt also emphasized the global significance of this election. For years, Oklahoma City has been seen as a curiosity, a small market that some doubted could compete at the highest level. However, with this resounding victory, he believes that the world will have to take notice and recognize that Oklahoma City is here to stay. He sees this as an opportunity to showcase the city’s strength and make a statement on a worldwide scale.

The major question that remains is where the new arena will be located. Mayor Holt revealed that this will be a topic of discussion in 2024 and that plans are already underway to determine the best location. He envisions a state-of-the-art facility that will change the skyline of Oklahoma City and be even bigger than the current Paycom Center. The new arena is expected to cover approximately 750,000 square feet, providing ample space for future events and activities.

The passage of the proposition to fund the new arena comes with an agreement from the Thunder ownership to contribute $50 million. The funding will primarily come from extending the MAPS 4 one-cent sales tax for an additional six years, with $70 million from previous funds allocated for the Paycom Center. This tax will not go into effect until 2028, allowing time for planning and preparation.

Supporters of the new arena argue that it is necessary to keep the Thunder in town and attract better concerts and events. They anticipate an economic boost of $513 million annually for 30 years, although some economists have expressed skepticism about the exact impact. Regardless, the approval of the proposition is seen as a significant milestone for Oklahoma City’s future.

As the city looks forward to the next phase of this historic journey, Thunder Chairman Clay Bennett expressed his gratitude for the citizens’ confidence and pride in the city. He believes that the new arena will not only serve as a world-class sports and entertainment complex but also propel Oklahoma City towards the next generation. The iconic centerpiece of downtown will reflect the values of the city and create a vibrant and modern atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.

While there were opponents to the new arena, arguing that Thunder ownership should contribute more and taxpayers should bear less of the burden, the overwhelming support from voters signifies a collective belief in the future of Oklahoma City. With the new downtown arena secured, the city can now look forward to a bright and prosperous future, solidifying its place as a Big League City.

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