Unfortunately, the article does not provide any specific names of victims or deceased individuals involved in the FedEx courier scam. : “First Arrests Made in India’s ‘FedEx’ Courier Scam Revealing Elaborate Network with Foreign Connections”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : In a major breakthrough, the Bengaluru police have made the first arrests in India in connection with the infamous ‘FedEx’ courier scam. The arrests have revealed an elaborate network with foreign connections involved in the scam. This comes after investigations into one of the 250 fake courier scam cases registered in the city.

The scam involves scamsters claiming to have parcels of victims with illegal items, including drugs and terror paraphernalia. The scamsters contact victims through internet phone calls using Hong Kong IP addresses and convince them that they have illegal items in their parcels. The victims are then asked to transfer funds to designated bank accounts for verification purposes.

In one case, a 58-year-old man was contacted by someone claiming to be a FedEx employee. He was told that illegal items were found in a parcel being sent in his wife’s name. He was then contacted by a person claiming to be a deputy commissioner of police and was asked to transfer funds for RBI verification. The man transferred a total of Rs 1.08 crore to the scammers before realizing he had been cheated.

The police investigations have led to the arrest of eight people, four from Bengaluru and four from Davangere. These individuals were operating dozens of bank accounts in Karnataka created with the credentials of innocent people to receive funds from the courier scam. The gang was found to be using 148 bank accounts and 11 mobile phones for their activities.

The arrested individuals were recruited through an online Telegram group to create bank accounts and withdraw the stolen funds. They were paid commissions on the amounts of stolen money they helped launder. The investigations have revealed that as much as Rs 8.5 crore of stolen funds were laundered through these accounts.

Despite these arrests, the fake courier scam continues unabated in Bengaluru, with over 250 cases filed this year alone. In one recent case, a businessman was duped of Rs 1.98 crore by the fake courier fraudsters. The scammers continue to harass the victims even after they have realized they have been cheated.

The police are urging the public to be cautious and not to fall for such scams. They advise individuals to verify the authenticity of calls and messages claiming to be from courier companies or law enforcement agencies. They also recommend reporting any suspicious activity to the police immediately.

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