Victim/Deceased Name: Unspecified : “Ex-spy turned hitman murders woman over crypto dispute in South Korea”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Title: Shocking Crypto Crime: Ex-Spy Turned Hitman Sentenced to Life for Gruesome Homicide in South Korea

In a plot reminiscent of a K-drama, South Korea was rocked by a shocking crime involving an ex-spy turned hitman. Lee Kyung-woo, a former undercover agent, kidnapped a woman from an upscale district of Seoul over a crypto dispute, ultimately resulting in her death. This case has sent shockwaves through South Korea, a country known for its safety and low crime rates. While violent killings are rare, the nation has experienced its fair share of crypto-related crimes, adding another layer of complexity to this macabre incident.

Details of the Case:
At the center of this gruesome homicide case is a collapsed cryptocurrency called PURE, which operated out of the Seychelles but was run by a Korean individual. This individual was arrested last month on charges of fraud and market manipulation. A couple who had lost a significant amount of money, approximately a billion won (around $760,000), in PURE hired Lee, who claimed to be a former undercover agent for missions in North Korea, to kill the woman who had encouraged their investment in the currency. Their motive was to steal her digital assets.

Execution of the Crime:
For a fee of 70 million won, Lee orchestrated the kidnapping and murder of the victim. On March 29, the victim was abducted from a street in Seoul’s Gangnam district. She was drugged, coerced into revealing her crypto passwords, and subsequently murdered. Her body was buried in a rural area located 140 kilometers (85 miles) from the capital. Shockingly, the drugs used to sedate and kill her were provided by Lee’s wife, who worked as a nurse at a plastic surgery clinic. Despite being aware of Lee’s criminal intentions, she supplied him with ketamine, which was used to carry out the heinous act.

South Korea’s Crypto Concerns:
South Korea has long been considered a crypto hotspot in Asia. However, recent high-profile collapses, such as the multi-billion-dollar downfall of Terra and Luna tokens, have significantly impacted retail confidence in the industry. Authorities have become increasingly concerned about rising criminality within the sector. In response, an inter-agency investigative unit was established this year to combat crypto-related crimes.

Sentencing and Impact:
Lee Kyung-woo, the mastermind behind this horrifying crime, was sentenced to life in prison. The couple who hired him received prison terms of eight and six years, respectively. Lee’s accomplices, who carried out the abduction and murder under his instructions, were also handed severe sentences. The judge emphasized the lifelong loneliness and profound sense of loss that the victim’s young son will endure, unaware that his mother was murdered rather than succumbing to COVID-19.

The shocking case of an ex-spy turned hitman orchestrating a murder over a crypto dispute has sent shockwaves through South Korea. As the country grapples with the fallout from collapsed cryptocurrencies and rising criminality in the crypto industry, the repercussions of this heinous crime will be felt for years to come. It serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers and risks associated with the world of digital currencies.

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