Victims or deceased names from the given text: 1. Kamlesh Kumari 2. Nine individuals (mostly security personnel) : “22 Years Ago: Remembering the Deadly Attack on Indian Parliament by Jaish-e-Mohammed”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : 22 years ago, on this very day, the Indian Parliament faced a harrowing attack from the notorious Pakistani terror group, the Jaish-e-Mohammed. The incident left an indelible mark on the nation’s history as the militants, armed with AK-47 rifles, grenade launchers, and handguns, mercilessly took the lives of nine individuals and injured 18 others, including police and Parliament security personnel.

Yesterday, the country, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, and other prominent leaders, paid heartfelt tributes to the brave martyrs of the 2001 Parliament attack. This solemn ceremony served as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made to protect the sanctity of democracy.

Let us delve into ten key facts about this tragic event:

1. The attack unfolded when five militants brazenly drove into the Parliament premises in a white Ambassador car. The vehicle cunningly disguised itself with fake Home Ministry and Parliament labels. Although the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha were in adjournment, numerous political leaders and over a hundred people were present inside.

2. Brandishing their lethal arsenal, the terrorists managed to breach successive layers of security cordons, even colliding with a vehicle in the Vice President’s cavalcade. Ashok Chand, the then-Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Cell), recounted this unfortunate accident.

3. Before storming into the Parliament building, the militants deliberately rammed their car into the parked vehicle of Vice President Krishan Kant. Emerging from the wreckage, they opened fire, tragically claiming the life of a brave CRPF constable named Kamlesh Kumari.

4. The terrorists primarily targeted security personnel, resulting in the loss of nine lives. Fortunately, the Members of Parliament present at the time managed to escape unscathed.

5. In a valiant display of bravery, the police retaliated with swift and decisive action, successfully eliminating all five terrorists. During the encounter, one of the terrorists perished when the explosive vest he was wearing detonated upon being shot.

6. The slain terrorists were identified as Hamza, Haider alias Tufail, Rana, Ranvijay, and Mohammed, all associated with the Jaish-e-Mohammed.

7. While the Indian government initially accused Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) of orchestrating the attack, the latter vehemently denied any involvement.

8. The investigation into this heinous act was undertaken by the Delhi Police’s Special Cell, a dedicated unit established in 1986 to combat terrorism and ensure the safety of the capital.

9. The prime suspects in the Parliament attack were identified as Afzal Guru and his cousin Shaukat Hussain Guru. In 2013, Afzal Guru was sentenced to death and subsequently hanged in Tihar Jail.

10. Notably, this tragic event also fueled a significant standoff between Indian and Pakistani military forces in 2001 and 2002. The escalating tensions along the Line of Control (LoC) exacerbated the already volatile situation in the Kashmir Valley.

As the nation commemorates the 22nd anniversary of the Parliament attack, it is crucial to remember the sacrifices made by those who laid down their lives to safeguard our cherished democratic values. This solemn occasion serves as a stark reminder of the ever-present threats that loom, urging us to remain vigilant and resolute in our fight against terrorism.

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