BREAKING: No victims or deceased names are mentioned in the provided text. : “New Hampshire Joins Legal Action Against Neo-Nazi Group for Discriminatory Actions”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : New Hampshire has taken legal action against a neo-Nazi group and its leaders for alleged discriminatory actions, following in the footsteps of Massachusetts. New Hampshire Attorney General John Formella filed a complaint against NSC-131, a New England-based organization known for spreading Nazi propaganda and imagery, accusing them of violating the state’s Law Against Discrimination. The complaint specifically refers to an incident in June when NSC-131 targeted a Concord cafe in an attempt to coerce the establishment to cancel a planned drag queen story hour event.

According to the complaint, the group tried to “terrorize the cafĂ© into refusing performers access to its venue for no other reason than the sex, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity of those performers.” It further alleges that Christopher Hood, the leader of NSC-131, along with 19 other individuals referred to as “John Does 1-19,” demonstrated outside the Teatotaller Cafe to cancel the event and prevent future similar gatherings.

New Hampshire Attorney General Formella emphasized the importance of enforcing antidiscrimination laws, stating, “We must and will send a clear message that New Hampshire is not and never will be a safe haven for hate groups that commit illegal acts that harm our citizens.” He expressed his commitment to ensuring that people of all backgrounds can live free from discrimination, fear, and intimidation based on their identities.

The complaint filed in New Hampshire follows a similar lawsuit filed by Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Campbell in Suffolk Superior Court. Campbell’s office cited an “escalating series of unlawful and discriminatory incidents” between July 2022 and January of this year as the reason for the legal action. These incidents involved demonstrations at drag queen story hours and hotels accommodating newly arrived migrants in Massachusetts.

By taking legal action against NSC-131 and its leaders, both New Hampshire and Massachusetts are sending a strong message that they will not tolerate hate groups and discriminatory behavior within their states. These lawsuits aim to protect the rights and safety of individuals from all backgrounds, ensuring a more inclusive and accepting society for everyone.

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