Clarence Lynn Wilson : “The Mysterious Disappearance and Murder of Clarence Lynn Wilson: A Family’s Quest for Justice”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : The last time Gwen Tranum heard any news of her brother Clarence Lynn Wilson was in 1985. At that time, Wilson was living in Texas with his wife, Liz, and their daughter, Dawn. The family had visited Modesto, California to see their parents when a heated argument broke out. Wilson and his wife abruptly left and were never heard from again, according to Tranum in an interview with USA TODAY.

For years, Tranum and her family remained in the dark about what happened to Wilson. However, their search for answers recently took a significant step forward. A detective from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office reached out to Tranum regarding remains found in 1986 near Crater Lake, approximately 40 miles north of Houston. The victim had tattoos on his arms that matched the names of Wilson’s wife and daughter.

Tranum provided a DNA sample for analysis, and in October, the results confirmed that her brother had been murdered. Wilson had been shot twice and weighed down with a cinder block. The discovery of his remains had remained a mystery for 37 years.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office shared that Wilson’s body was found partially submerged in the water of Crater Lake. It was weighted down by two cement cinder blocks and an electrical cord. While his remains were exhumed in 2015 for DNA analysis, it wasn’t until advanced technology and a genealogy assessment were utilized in May 2023 that Wilson’s identity was confirmed.

Tranum was shocked by the news but relieved to finally have some closure. She described her brother as a shy and quiet person who was not involved in any criminal activities, although he did spend time in prison for burglary in 1982. The family now hopes that those responsible for Wilson’s death will be held accountable, and they urge anyone with information to come forward.

The investigation into Wilson’s murder is ongoing, and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Squad has asked for the public’s assistance. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact them directly or the Multi-County Crime Stoppers. The family remains devastated by the brutal nature of Wilson’s death and seeks justice for their beloved brother.

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