Elmer Eduardo Pineda Salguero : “Shooting into an Occupied Vehicle | Attempted Malicious Wounding *ARREST”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Manassas, Virginia – In a major breakthrough, the Prince William County Police Department announced the arrest of Elmer Eduardo Pineda Salguero in connection with a shooting incident that took place on May 15. The suspect was apprehended without incident on December 10, following an extensive investigation.

According to authorities, the shooting occurred in the vicinity of Coloriver Road and Goodland Court in Manassas. The investigation revealed that one of the victims had been involved in an altercation earlier in the day with an acquaintance, leading to tensions between the parties. Later that day, as the victims were driving in the area, they noticed a vehicle approaching them at a high rate of speed. To their horror, an occupant of the vehicle fired a round, striking their vehicle. Miraculously, no injuries were reported, and no additional property damage occurred.

The diligent efforts of the officers led them to identify Elmer Eduardo Pineda Salguero as the suspect. Arrest warrants for Salguero were obtained on August 23, but attempts to locate him had been unsuccessful until now. The suspect has been charged with one count of shooting into an occupied vehicle, one count of use of a firearm in commission of a felony, and two counts of attempted malicious wounding.

The Prince William County Police Department has been actively investigating the incident since it was reported on May 15. The victims, a 20-year-old male and a 16-year-old male, immediately contacted the police after the shooting took place. A single shell casing was found at the scene, indicating that a firearm had been discharged.

While the motive behind the shooting is yet to be determined, investigators have ruled out the possibility of it being a random act. The police department continues its diligent efforts to gather more evidence and ascertain the exact circumstances leading up to the incident.

The arrest of Elmer Eduardo Pineda Salguero marks a significant milestone in the investigation, bringing a sense of relief to the community. The suspect is currently awaiting his court date, and details about his bond availability have not been released. The Prince William County Police Department is determined to ensure justice is served and will continue its relentless efforts to keep the community safe.

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