Jose Claudio : “New Haven Police Officer Justified in Use of Deadly Force Against Suspect: Inspector General”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : New Haven Police Officer Justified in Using Deadly Force, Inspector General Rules

A recent report released by the Connecticut Office of Inspector General has concluded that New Haven Police Department Officer Chad Curry was justified in his use of deadly force against a suspect who had shot him twice last October. Inspector General Robert Devlin Jr. stated that Officer Curry had no other option but to defend himself by returning fire after 36-year-old Jose Claudio fired multiple rounds at his cruiser and later took cover behind a van.

The incident began when Curry responded to a car collision on Chapel Street and Blatchley Avenue in the early hours of the morning. Upon arrival, he discovered a stolen black Honda Accord Crosstour that had crashed into a tree. Curry then noticed a woman, later identified as Christine Pacheco, walking away from the crash, and a man, later identified as Claudio, going in and out of the vehicle. As Curry approached, Claudio fled on foot and fired multiple shots at the police cruiser, hitting it six times.

Curry, realizing the immediate threat, returned fire and pursued Claudio, who continued to shoot at him. Two bullets struck Curry, one in his shoulder and another grazing his ear. Despite being injured, Curry sought cover and called for backup. Claudio managed to escape the scene.

The report stated that Curry’s actions were justified as he was under immediate lethal threat. Claudio had opened fire on him without warning, leaving Curry with no choice but to use deadly force to defend himself.

Following the shooting, Curry was taken to Yale New Haven Hospital, where his injuries were deemed serious but not life-threatening. The investigation into the incident relied heavily on footage from Curry’s body camera and dashboard camera, leading to the identification of Claudio as the suspect. Investigators later located Claudio at a Hartford apartment, where he was eventually arrested after several hours of surveillance.

During the search of the residence, authorities discovered a Taurus G3C 9mm semiautomatic, which was determined to have been used in the shooting. Additionally, they found cash, ammunition, a firearm suppressor, a black Keltec Sub2000 .40 caliber folding carbine, and a large quantity of suspected marijuana.

Claudio currently remains in custody with bonds totaling $3.5 million. He faces charges of attempted murder, first-degree assault, assault on an officer, illegal discharge of a firearm, and various other firearm and ammunition offenses.

The Inspector General’s report concluded that Officer Curry’s use of force was objectively reasonable and justified under Connecticut law. The investigation found that Claudio was armed with a deadly weapon, leaving no opportunity for de-escalation, and Curry had not provoked the confrontation.

The ruling by the Inspector General provides an official confirmation of Officer Curry’s actions, highlighting the importance of self-defense for law enforcement officers in dangerous situations.

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