Logan Nayneecassum : “Man identified as ‘Tax’ seen shooting Logan Nayneecassum in surveillance video, Crown argues”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : In a Saskatoon murder trial, the Crown argued that Afrah Ahmed Abdi, known as “Tax,” is the man seen in surveillance video shooting Logan Nayneecassum at Aria Food and Spirits on August 21, 2020. The video, played in court, shows “Tax” pulling out a handgun and shooting Nayneecassum in the leg during a fight between two groups of men. Nayneecassum later died from excessive blood loss.

During closing arguments, Crown prosecutor Mike Pilon emphasized that the accused’s changes in appearance, such as growing out his hair, growing a beard, and losing weight, should not be seen as a distraction. Pilon asserted that the video evidence clearly shows “Tax” shooting Nayneecassum and that the accused knew the potential consequences of his actions.

Defense lawyer Leo Adler, on the other hand, pointed to the differences between the shooter’s appearance in the video and his client’s appearance. Adler argued that the evidence does not prove that his client is “Tax” but rather that “Tax” was one of several Black men present at the restaurant and bar that night. He also criticized the police investigation, noting that they did not seize surveillance video from nearby businesses or test items for DNA and fingerprints.

Bartender Travis Philley, who identified a photo of Abdi as “Tax” from a photo lineup, was called as a witness. However, Adler argued that Philley is not a reliable witness due to his admission of drinking on the job that night and his statement that the group of Black men at the bar looked similar to him.

The jury will receive instructions from Justice Mona Dovell on Thursday morning before deliberating on a verdict. The Crown maintains that the surveillance video is conclusive evidence of Abdi’s guilt, while the defense argues that the video only highlights the differences between “Tax” and the accused.

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