Neelam Sagar Sharma Rani Sharma : Mother of Parliament security breach accused demands employment opportunity

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Jind (Haryana) [India], December 14 (ANI): The mother of Neelam, a female accused in the Parliament security breach incident, has come forward to defend her daughter, claiming that she was arrested while merely raising slogans and nothing else. She is now demanding an employment opportunity for Neelam.

Delhi Police recently detained Neelam, a 42-year-old resident of Jind, along with 25-year-old Amol, after they protested outside the Parliament in front of Transport Bhawan, using gas canisters that emitted yellow smoke. Neelam’s mother, in an interview with ANI, stated, “We believe Neelam can never take such a step. She was arrested while she was only raising slogans. We request the government to provide an employment opportunity. The village has also shown support for us.”

Neelam, while being taken away by Delhi Police officials, expressed her unemployment and frustration, stating, “…Because we are unemployed, our parents work so much, are laborers, farmers, small traders, shopkeepers, but no one’s voices are being heard.”

In a separate appeal, the mother and sister of another accused, Sagar Sharma, have reached out to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, requesting a fair investigation as they firmly believe Sagar is innocent and has been framed in the conspiracy. Sagar’s mother, Rani Sharma, claimed, “Our child has been framed; my son is not like that. He used to drive an e-rickshaw. I have only one son, he is my support, our child is innocent, he has been framed.”

Sagar’s sister, Mahi Sharma, echoed her mother’s sentiments, adding, “There should be a fair investigation. My brother is innocent, and those who manipulated him for the crime should be punished.”

Describing her brother’s character, Mahi revealed, “My brother studied till intermediate and is a patriot. He always talked about the progress of the country. Whenever it was 15th August, he used to go out in a rickshaw with the tricolor on it.”

Both families are pleading for justice and a thorough investigation into the allegations against their loved ones. They believe that the truth will prevail and their innocence will be proven. The case has garnered significant attention, and the authorities are under pressure to ensure a fair trial and unbiased judgment.

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