Suzy Gomas Dennis Gomas J.H. Frances Sharples : “GOP tax cuts leave crime victims like Florida retirees on the hook for stolen money”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Congressional Republicans have come under fire for their decision to scale back or eliminate itemized deductions that targeted specific groups of taxpayers, including crime victims. The move was made to find savings to cover the cost of deep tax cuts in 2017. However, the consequences of this decision have left many crime victims in dire financial situations. One such example is the case of Suzy and Dennis Gomas, retirees from Florida who were defrauded out of nearly $2 million by Suzy’s daughter. Despite being victims of a crime, they were required to pay federal income tax on the stolen money due to the repeal of deductions for losses from theft.

The tax cuts implemented by the GOP were aimed at reducing the corporate tax rate and providing other benefits to businesses and individuals. However, the repeal of deductions for crime victims has been criticized as unfair and unjust. Leslie Book, a law professor at Villanova University, described it as a “cash grab” and argued that the tax law should take into account the equity side of the equation.

The 2017 law still allows businesses and those seeking profit to deduct theft losses, but individuals who are victims of theft are not afforded the same benefit. Critics argue that this distinction is arbitrary and unfair, as it treats taxpayers differently based on arbitrary considerations. They argue that all taxpayers, regardless of their lobbying power, should be treated equally under the tax law.

The impact of this decision on crime victims has been significant. In 2017, federal taxpayers claimed $3 billion in personal theft and casualty loss deductions, but this number fell to about $600 million in 2020. Victims of scams and fraud find themselves facing enormous tax bills on money that was stolen from them, exacerbating their financial devastation.

It remains to be seen whether Congress will take action to address this issue and provide relief for crime victims. In the meantime, victims like Suzy and Dennis Gomas are left to navigate the financial consequences of a system that seems to have little regard for their plight. As one victim stated, “There is no mercy for little old ladies.”

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