Victim: – Not mentioned in the given text : “MP shocker: Man stabs live-in partner to death for refusing physical relations”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Indore: A gruesome incident has surfaced in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, where a man is accused of brutally murdering his live-in partner after she refused to engage in intimate relations with him. The victim, a young woman aged 20, was stabbed to death by the accused in their rented house, according to a report by NDTV.

The shocking incident unfolded when it was discovered that the victim and the accused had been living together in the rented house for a few days. Police officials revealed that the two had initially connected on the social media platform Instagram, forming a friendship that eventually led to them becoming live-in partners.

On December 7, the accused, identified as Praveen Singh Dhakad, allegedly flew into a rage when his partner declined his advances. Enraged by her refusal, Dhakad grabbed a pair of scissors and attacked the victim, stabbing her in the neck. The victim suffered fatal injuries and died on the spot due to excessive bleeding.

In an attempt to evade capture, Dhakad locked the house from outside and fled the scene, taking the victim’s mobile phone with him. However, the police were able to track him down and subsequently apprehended him.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abhinay Vishwakarma, provided further details on the incident. He disclosed that the victim’s body was discovered by authorities on December 9, two days after the murder had taken place in the Raoji Bazar area of Indore.

The shocking nature of the crime has left the local community in shock and disbelief. The incident highlights the importance of addressing issues of consent and the need for greater awareness regarding healthy relationships.

The accused, Praveen Singh Dhakad, will face charges of murder and other related offenses. The investigation into the case is ongoing, with authorities working diligently to gather evidence and ensure justice for the victim.

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