BREAKING : “Arts Minister Places Export Bar on Rare Samuel Cooper Drawing to Save it for the UK”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Arts and Heritage Minister Lord Parkinson of Whitley Bay has taken action to prevent the export of a rare drawing by renowned 17th-century artist Samuel Cooper. Cooper, considered the finest portrait miniaturist of the seventeenth century, has only a few surviving drawings, making this piece particularly valuable and significant.

The drawing, titled ‘Portrait of a Dead Child,’ portrays the infant grandson of Cooper’s uncle and tutor, John Hoskins the Elder. It showcases Cooper’s exceptional talent as a miniaturist, with meticulous cross-hatching and intricate details in the face and shadows. The drawing is valued at £114,300 (plus VAT of £4,860) and is at risk of leaving the UK unless a domestic buyer can be found to save it for the nation.

Lord Parkinson expressed the importance of preserving this rare and deeply poignant work by Samuel Cooper, emphasizing its contribution to the understanding of Cooper and his era. The decision to place an export bar on the drawing follows the advice of the Reviewing Committee on the Export of Works of Art and Objects of Cultural Interest (RCEWA).

Pippa Shirley, a member of the committee, noted the emotional connection between the artist and the subject, as well as the exceptional technique and attention to detail displayed in the drawing. Cooper’s ability to capture the essence of his sitters is evident in this work, making it highly desirable for study and research.

The RCEWA recommended the export bar based on the drawing’s outstanding aesthetic importance and its significance in the study of death representation and Samuel Cooper’s work.

The decision on the export license application will be deferred until March 14, 2024. During this period, potential buyers will have an opportunity to consider purchasing the drawing at the recommended price. Interested parties should contact the RCEWA for further information.

Samuel Cooper’s ‘Portrait of a Dead Child’ is a rare and valuable artwork that offers invaluable insights into the artist’s skill and the cultural context of the 17th century. It is crucial to preserve and study such pieces to enhance our understanding of history and art.

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