Michael Crawford, Prince Jacobs, Brandon Copeland : Man accused of witness intimidation in upcoming trial, linked to homicide case.

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Man Charged with Witness Intimidation in Homicide Case

MILWAUKEE – The family of a man accused of homicide has once again found themselves in the midst of legal troubles. Michael Crawford, 43, who had previously been released from jail after his family posted bail money, now faces charges of witness intimidation in his upcoming trial. Crawford’s alleged accomplice in the intimidation, 57-year-old Bernard Goines, has also been charged.

The incident in question took place on June 18, when Milwaukee police responded to a shooting near 11th and Ring. The victim, identified as 39-year-old Prince Jacobs, was found shot 16 times in the front yard and tragically died at the scene. Court filings indicate that a witness saw Crawford arguing with Jacobs before the shooting occurred. As Jacobs attempted to walk away, Crawford allegedly retrieved a gun from a nearby truck and called out to him, “Prince come here. Let me holler at you.”

The family of the victim, understandably fearful for their safety, spoke to FOX6 news under the condition of anonymity. They expressed their deep distress over the situation, with one family member stating, “My depression and anxiety has gotten a lot worse, just because he’s all I think about.”

Crawford, who had been arrested later in June, initially had his bond set at $500,000. However, it was later reduced to $250,000, and his mother posted the money in September to secure his release. The victim’s family expressed their outrage over this decision, with one member stating, “The court shouldn’t have even allowed his bail to be lowered, and to go out and harm another person, that’s wrong.”

In a chilling turn of events, last month, the witness in the homicide case was found shot in the chin and shoulder near 10th and Ring. Brandon Copeland, 41, was subsequently charged in connection with the shooting. Meanwhile, Crawford appeared in court on a sunny December afternoon, where Milwaukee County assistant district attorney Paul Tiffin questioned Milwaukee police detective Ryan Casey about the witness’s statement. According to Casey, the witness claimed that Goines, known as “Big B,” had been looking for him and had made a phone call to Crawford.

As the investigation continues, Goines has been released on a signature bond, while Crawford’s bond has been increased to $1 million. Both men currently do not have legal representation. The case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of witness protection and the potential dangers that can arise during criminal proceedings.

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