The victims or deceased mentioned in the article are Preston Lord, Hailey Stephens, and Jamiere Jenkins. : “Police Address Alleged Group Targeting Teens in East Valley as ‘Gilbert Goons'”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : The Gilbert Police Department has released a new statement addressing the alleged group known as the “Gilbert Goons.” This group has been a topic of discussion on social media for several months, and the police department recently became aware of their existence.

In early November, ABC15 reached out to the department for information about the “Gilbert Goons,” but at that time, the department had no documentation on the group. However, the recent statement from the police department acknowledges the social media references to the group, stating, “Social media and media reports allege that there have been police investigations involving a group of Gilbert individuals that have been targeting teens in the East Valley identified as the ‘Gilbert Goons.'”

Parents in the East Valley have expressed fear and concern about this group, with one mother stating, “We are absolutely terrified that this group will target another child, possibly one of our own, and we don’t want to live in fear.” The community is urging anyone with information about the group to come forward and report any crimes that may have been committed.

The Gilbert Police Chief, Michael Soelberg, was not available for comment, despite ABC15’s attempts to speak with him. However, other East Valley communities, such as Queen Creek, have acknowledged the group’s existence. Queen Creek police chief, Randy Brice, emphasized the importance of reporting crimes and stated, “If a crime has been committed in this jurisdiction or another, it must be reported.”

It is important to note that the police have not linked the “Gilbert Goons” to the assault that killed 16-year-old Preston Lord at a Halloween party. However, parents in the East Valley are taking extra precautions to protect their children, with one parent revealing that their family had to move their son out of the country after an attack.

The Gilbert Police Department’s statement clarifies that they do not have any police reports connecting the alleged group to criminal activity in the community. They are urging residents to report any concerns or relevant information directly to the police department to ensure proper follow-up and investigation.

In conclusion, the Gilbert Police Department is addressing the concerns surrounding the “Gilbert Goons” and reassuring the community that they are committed to investigating and prosecuting acts of violence. They also emphasize the importance of reporting any incidents to ensure the safety of the community and provide justice for the victims and their families.

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