There are no victims or deceased names mentioned in the given text. : “Prince Harry Wins Legal Battle Against British Tabloids in Phone-Hacking Case”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Prince Harry has achieved a significant victory in his legal battle against British tabloids as London’s High Court ruled that he had been a victim of phone-hacking and other unlawful acts by Mirror Group journalists with the knowledge of their editors. The court awarded him £140,600 ($180,700) in damages after agreeing that he had been targeted by journalists working for Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN).

The judge’s ruling that the editors of the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, and Sunday People were aware of the wrongdoing supports Harry’s claims that senior press figures had known about and covered up these illegal activities. In a statement read by his lawyer, Harry expressed his satisfaction with the ruling and called for authorities to take action against those responsible for breaking the law.

Since stepping down from his royal duties and relocating to California with his wife Meghan, the Duke of Sussex has been on a mission to hold the British press accountable for their actions. He accuses certain journalists, especially senior executives and editors, of being “criminals masquerading as journalists.” Among the editors implicated in the ruling was Piers Morgan, who has been a vocal critic of Harry and Meghan.

Morgan, however, vehemently denied any involvement in phone-hacking and stated that Harry’s true objective was to destroy the monarchy with Meghan. The court case against MGN involved about 100 claimants, including actors, sports stars, celebrities, and individuals connected to high-profile figures, who sued the company over allegations of phone-hacking and unlawful information-gathering.

The judge concluded that there had been widespread hacking and other unlawful activities at MGN, spanning from 1996 to 2011. He also highlighted that the company’s board had been kept in the dark about these activities by its former CEO and legal director. MGN expressed their willingness to move forward and acknowledged the historical wrongdoing by issuing an apology and providing compensation.

While this ruling is a significant win for Prince Harry, it is just one of four cases he is pursuing at the High Court. He has also been granted the right to take to trial a similar phone-hacking case against Associated Newspapers, the publisher of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday, as well as allegations against News Corp’s News Group Newspapers, the publisher of the Sun.

In his statement, Harry expressed his determination to continue his mission for a free and honest press, despite the challenges he may face. This victory marks a step towards holding the media accountable for their actions and ensuring the protection of privacy rights.

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