Victims or deceased names: Manoranjan D, Sagar Sharma, Neelam Verma, Amol Shinde. : “Orchestrator behind Parliament security breach destroys evidence, escapes capture”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Parliament Security Breach: Orchestrator Eradicates Crucial Evidence, Duo Surrenders

In a shocking turn of events, new details have emerged regarding the recent breach of Parliament security. Lalit Mohan Jha, the alleged mastermind behind the operation, is said to have taken swift action to eliminate vital technical evidence, including mobile phones, immediately after four of his associates were apprehended in connection with the incident. Jha, who had livestreamed the security breach, managed to evade capture on Wednesday, absconding with the ID cards and mobile phones of his detained companions: Manoranjan D, Sagar Sharma, Neelam Verma, and Amol Shinde.

According to reports, Jha made his way to Kuchaman city, where he met up with an associate named Mahesh. Interestingly, Mahesh was originally meant to participate in the breach but was dissuaded by his mother. Mahesh, who is connected to Jha and others through a Facebook group called ‘Bhagat Singh Fan Page,’ provided assistance in the destruction of the phones. Accompanied by Mahesh and his cousin Kailash, Jha sought refuge at a local dhaba, where they meticulously eliminated any potential evidence. Subsequently, Jha and Mahesh decided to surrender themselves to Parliament and departed for Jaipur.

The police were able to trace Kailash’s phone number and subsequently detained him. During interrogation, Kailash provided crucial information about Jha and Mahesh’s intended route. Raids were conducted, and security measures were heightened in the vicinity of Parliament. Eventually, the duo was located near Dhaula Kuan and voluntarily turned themselves in at the Kartavya Path police station later that evening.

Upon surrendering, Jha and Mahesh were promptly handed over to the Counter-Intelligence Unit of the Special Cell for further investigation. Authorities are now considering pressing charges of harboring and destroying evidence against Mahesh and Kailash, seeking legal opinion on the matter. Interestingly, Jha’s Instagram account, featuring images and quotes of renowned historical figures such as Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhar Azad, Bagha Jatin, Subhash Chandra Bose, and Raja Ram Mohan Roy, has been identified as part of the ongoing investigation. Additionally, it has been revealed that Jha had arranged for his associates to stay at a friend named Vicky’s house in Gurgaon three days prior to the incident.

As the investigation continues to unfold, authorities are determined to bring all those involved in the breach of Parliament security to justice. The eradication of crucial evidence by Jha raises concerns about the extent of the conspiracy, and the involvement of Mahesh and Kailash further deepens the mystery surrounding the incident.

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