BREAKING: Priya Singh : “Thane-based influencer critically injured in alleged SUV attack by bureaucrat’s son”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Thane-based internet sensation Priya Singh, renowned for her influential presence on social media platforms, found herself in a harrowing ordeal when her boyfriend of five years allegedly attempted to run her over with his sports utility vehicle (SUV). The shocking incident took place in the early hours of December 11 near Ghodbunder Road in the Owale area, leaving Singh critically injured.

The 26-year-old influencer promptly reported that she had engaged in a heated argument with her partner, who happens to be the son of a prominent city bureaucrat. Singh claimed that her boyfriend, identified as Ashwajit Gaikwad, physically assaulted her and even attempted to strangle her before instructing his driver to intentionally hit her with the vehicle. Gaikwad, the son of Anil Gaikwad, the esteemed managing director of the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation, stands accused in this shocking case.

The altercation unfolded when Ashwajit, at around 1 am on December 11, summoned Singh to join him at a family event hosted at The Courtyard hotel in Owale. However, when she arrived two hours later, she sensed a change in her boyfriend’s behavior. Seeking a private conversation, Singh stepped out with Ashwajit, only to be met by him and his companions hurling verbal abuse towards her. Matters escalated when Singh objected to the offensive language used by Ashwajit’s friend Romil Patil. Allegedly, Ashwajit responded by slapping her and attempting to strangle her, while his friend forcefully pushed her to the ground, as detailed in her Instagram post.

To further compound the horrific incident, Singh was left critically injured after she tried to retrieve her belongings from Ashwajit’s car. Reportedly, Ashwajit instructed his driver, Sagar Shelke, to run her over. As a result, Singh suffered severe injuries to her right leg when the car rammed into her.

Authorities have responded swiftly, charging all three individuals involved – Ashwajit, Patil, and Shelke – with several sections of the Indian Penal Code, including rash driving, voluntarily causing hurt, and causing grievous hurt. However, Singh has expressed concerns over the seriousness of the investigation, asserting that Ashwajit has been leveraging his political connections to influence the probe.

In a statement provided to The Times of India, Ashwajit countered Singh’s claims, dismissing them as untrue. He portrayed her as merely a friend who had arrived at the hotel in an inebriated state, attempting to coerce him into a conversation. When he declined, she allegedly resorted to verbal abuse and physically assaulted his friends. According to Ashwajit, Shelke started the SUV to create distance between them, but tragically, Singh fell onto the road. He adamantly maintains that the accident was not intentional.

As the investigation continues, the shocking incident has ignited a wave of concern for Singh’s well-being and has prompted a broader conversation around the misuse of power and influence.

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