Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, Hardeep Singh Nijjar : “Indian-American Congress Members Urge India to Investigate Alleged Murder Plot on US Soil”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Indian-American Lawmakers Urge Full Investigation into Alleged Murder Plot

Indian-American members of the US Congress have called for a thorough investigation into an alleged plot to murder a Khalistani separatist on US soil. They have emphasized the importance of holding all involved parties, including Indian government officials, accountable for their actions. Failure to do so, they warn, could result in significant damage to the India-US partnership.

The five Indian-American legislators, namely Ami Bera, Premila Jayapal, Ro Khanna, Raja Krishnamoorthi, and Shri Thanedar, released a joint statement after receiving a classified briefing from the Biden administration regarding the indictment of Nikhil Gupta. Gupta was charged in connection with a foiled plot to assassinate Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, the leader of Sikhs for Justice.

The lawmakers expressed their deep concern over the allegations made in the indictment and stressed that the safety and well-being of their constituents were their top priorities. While Ami Bera and Ro Khanna represent different Congressional districts in California, Premila Jayapal represents a district in Washington, Raja Krishnamoorthi represents a district in Illinois, and Shri Thanedar represents a district in Michigan.

The legislators welcomed India’s decision to establish a Committee of Enquiry to investigate the plot. However, they emphasized the need for a thorough investigation that holds all responsible parties, including Indian government officials, accountable. Furthermore, they requested assurances that such incidents would not occur in the future. The legislators, who are strong advocates of the US-India partnership, expressed concerns that if the allegations in the indictment are not appropriately addressed, it could cause significant harm to the partnership.

The briefing provided to the Indian-American legislators took place after the US Department of Justice unsealed the indictment. The foiled murder plot is believed to be part of a larger conspiracy targeting Khalistani separatists across North America, including Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had previously alleged Indian government involvement in the killing of Nijjar in British Columbia earlier this year.

As the investigation unfolds, it remains crucial for both the US and India to address the allegations seriously and ensure justice is served. The outcome of this investigation will undoubtedly have implications for the future of the India-US partnership and the fight against terrorism.

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