Mahmoud Anwar Saleh : “Gaza Reels as Israeli Army Carries Out New Massacres, Killing Scores of Palestinians”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Gaza Stricken by New Israeli Army Massacres

Scores of Palestinian civilians, including children and women, have been killed and wounded in a relentless Israeli bombing campaign in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army has been using air, land, and sea forces to carry out the attacks.

On Saturday, Israeli warplanes bombarded two houses in the northern Gaza Strip, resulting in the deaths of at least 14 people and numerous injuries. One house in Jabaliya was targeted, leaving numerous individuals trapped under the rubble. The ongoing violence has caused immense suffering and loss of life among Palestinians.

Tragically, a young man named Mahmoud Anwar Saleh was shot and killed by an Israeli sniper inside his own house in the Tal al-Zaatar area, north of Gaza. The Israeli army has also fired heavy machine guns from warships in the Rafah Sea, south of the Gaza Strip. The northern areas of Gaza, as well as parts of Khan Yunis Governorate and other regions, are currently experiencing intense artillery shelling.

The situation in Gaza is dire, with civilians being injured and killed on a daily basis. The Al-Qudra and Siam families in the Al-Amal neighborhood of Khan Yunis had their homes bombed by Israeli aircraft, resulting in further casualties. The plight of innocent civilians is exacerbated by the Israeli occupation army’s siege on Kamal Aswan Hospital, where 12 babies remain trapped in incubators without access to food or water.

Israeli warplanes have also targeted the vicinity of the UNRWA al-Mazraa School in Deir al-Balah and a house in the Bureij refugee camp. The occupation army continues its bombing of various neighborhoods in Gaza City, including al-Shuja’iya, al-Tuffah, and al-Daraj. Khan Younis, in the south of the Gaza Strip, has also been attacked.

The Gaza Ministry of Health reports that since October 7, 18,800 Palestinians have been killed and over 51,000 wounded in what can only be described as Israel’s ongoing genocide against the people of Gaza. The majority of the victims are women and children, according to both Palestinian and international estimates.

The situation in Gaza remains critical, with innocent lives being lost and families torn apart. The international community must take immediate action to address the escalating violence and protect the rights and lives of the Palestinian people.


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