Storm Shepard, Sharae Green, Jimmie Wallace : “Search Crews Find Missing Pets After Fatal I-85 Crash in South Carolina”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina/Gray News) – The search for missing pets following a fatal wrong-way crash on Interstate 85 in South Carolina has taken a positive turn, as search crews have shared an encouraging update on their progress.

The tragic crash occurred on Sunday morning near mile marker 51 at approximately 5:18 a.m. A vehicle traveling north in the southbound lane collided with another car, causing two additional vehicles to crash.

The Greenville County Coroner’s Office confirmed that three individuals lost their lives as a result of the accident. The deceased victims were identified as 27-year-old Storm Shepard from Duncan, South Carolina, 45-year-old Sharae Green from Georgia, and 69-year-old Jimmie Wallace from Alabama.

While several other victims sustained non-serious injuries and received treatment at the scene before being transported to the hospital, the focus of the search has been on locating the missing pets.

According to officials, Sharae Green was traveling with her family, two dogs named Asta and Moon, and a 3-foot-long ball python. Sadly, when responders arrived at the scene, the three pets were nowhere to be found. Fortunately, both dogs were microchipped.

In a heartwarming development, one of the dogs, Asta, was discovered on Monday afternoon near I-85 by Anakin’s Trails Animal Search. The python was also found later that day.

The search for Moon, the other missing dog, continued until Friday afternoon when Anakin’s Trails announced that she had been captured. Despite sustaining minor injuries and scratches, Moon is expected to make a full recovery.

The search team utilized a drone on Tuesday morning to locate Moon’s den. They then took her brother Asta through the woods to establish his scent in the area. However, Moon became startled and fled in the opposite direction, making it challenging to bring her back safely.

Throughout the week, Moon was spotted multiple times, even making an appearance in a resident’s yard. It is believed that she was using coyote trails to move swiftly between locations. The search team explained that Moon had entered into what is known as “Lost Dog Syndrome,” which often causes dogs to run away from their owners and require assistance in determining when it is safe to reunite.

Asta, on the other hand, suffered trauma bruising on his intestines from the accident, as revealed by X-rays. However, as of Thursday morning, he was already showing signs of improvement and was expected to make a full recovery with a few days of bed rest.

The search officials expressed their gratitude to the community for their generous donations, which enabled them to purchase necessary items to make Asta more comfortable while his family recovers in the hospital. The family will not be burdened with any treatment expenses for Asta and Moon.

Overall, the search efforts have provided a glimmer of hope amid the tragedy, and the successful recovery of both pets is a testament to the dedication and determination of the search crews involved.

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