The victims or deceased name is not mentioned in the given text. : “Leicester Man Charged with Concealing Death After Overdose in Buncombe County”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Leicester Man Charged with Concealing Death After Overdose Tragedy

ASHEVILLE — A tragic incident unfolded in Leicester as Buncombe County Sheriff’s detectives discovered the lifeless body of a 40-year-old woman who had succumbed to an overdose. The Leicester resident was charged with concealing or failing to report the death.

Authorities swiftly executed a search warrant at 51 Indian Hills Drive, where the deceased woman’s body was found inside a van. Aaron Sarver, spokesperson for the sheriff’s office, revealed that after scouring the premises, conducting interviews, and gathering information, detectives obtained enough probable cause to proceed with another search warrant at 59 Israel Road, also located in Leicester.

To their shock, investigators unearthed an explosive homemade device at the second location, which was immediately detonated on-site. Sarver expressed gratitude for the bomb squads from both the Asheville Police Department and the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance in examining the dangerous contraption.

The suspect in custody, Craig Ross Griffin, aged 57, faces multiple charges, including possession of a schedule II-controlled substance, possession of a weapon of mass destruction, and concealing or failing to report a death. Griffin is currently being held at the Buncombe County Detention Facility, with bail set at $65,000. His court appearance is scheduled for December 18.

The sheriff’s office has yet to determine the duration the deceased woman’s body remained in the van following the fatal overdose. Sarver mentioned that an autopsy is forthcoming, which should shed light on the time of death and other contributing factors.

While the name of the deceased has not been released, Sarver assured that her next of kin have been notified. He clarified that Griffin and the deceased were acquainted or friends, but not blood relatives or involved in a romantic relationship.

Griffin resides at the property on Israel Road, the site of the explosive device, and is acquainted with the occupants of the Indian Hills Drive residence. Notably, these individuals are not facing any charges.

As the investigation continues, further updates will be provided. Ryley Ober, the Public Safety Reporter for the Asheville Citizen Times, can be contacted via email at, and her Twitter handle is @ryleyober.

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