Yotam Haim, Alon Shamriz, Samer El-Talalqa : “Protests in Tel Aviv after Israeli troops mistakenly kill hostages; IDF initiates probe”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Israeli Troops Mistakenly Kill Three Hostages, Sparking Massive Protests in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv was engulfed in protests on Saturday after Israeli troops mistakenly killed three hostages. Families of the hostages, who were held in Gaza, along with numerous supporters, gathered in Tel Aviv, demanding a resolution to bring their loved ones back. In response to the incident, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have initiated a thorough investigation.

According to the initial findings of the IDF probe, the three hostages, all men in their 20s, were shirtless and holding a makeshift white flag at the time of the incident. The soldiers, mistakenly identifying them as terrorists, shouted the word “terrorists” before opening fire on the men.

The hostages have been identified as Yotam Haim, Alon Shamriz, and Samer El-Talalqa. They were shot during an Israeli military operation in Gaza. These three men were among the 240 individuals taken hostage during the October 7 attack by Hamas, with approximately 130 hostages still believed to be held by the militant group.

In the midst of these escalating tensions, the British defence secretary, Grant Shapps, reported a concerning incident involving a navy ship in the Red Sea. Shapps announced that HMS Diamond successfully shot down a suspected attack drone targeting merchant shipping. A single Sea Viper missile was fired, effectively neutralizing the threat.

In a separate occurrence, Egyptian air defense forces also intercepted and destroyed a suspected drone near the Red Sea coast close to the resort town of Dahab on Egypt’s eastern Sinai coast.

Furthermore, the IDF has launched another military investigation, this time regarding the killing of two Palestinians in the West Bank. The probe was initiated after an Israeli human rights group shared videos that seemed to show Israeli troops fatally shooting the two individuals—one who was incapacitated and the other unarmed—during a military raid in a West Bank refugee camp.

Footage captured by security cameras and subsequently circulated on social media depicted two Israeli military vehicles pursuing a group of Palestinians within the Faraa refugee camp in the northern West Bank.

Meanwhile, Iran declared on Saturday that they had executed an alleged Mossad spy in the country’s southeast. According to Iranian authorities, the individual was affiliated with foreign intelligence services, including Mossad, and was charged with disseminating classified information. The execution took place in Zahedan, the capital of the southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchistan.

It is worth noting that Iran and Israel have long accused each other of engaging in espionage and conducting a covert war. Iran periodically announces the apprehension of individuals accused of spying for foreign nations, including the United States and Israel. In 2020, Iran executed a man convicted of leaking information to the U.S. and Israel regarding a prominent Islamic Revolutionary Guard general, who was subsequently killed in a U.S. drone strike in Iraq.

To address the issue of the hostages held in Gaza, Israeli and Qatari officials were scheduled to meet in Norway, aiming to revive negotiations for their release.

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