Abhishek Sanjay Bhosale : “Pune police arrest prime suspect and another in brutal road rage murder case”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Two additional individuals, including the prime suspect, have been apprehended by the Pune police in connection with the savage murder of a 30-year-old entrepreneur. The incident, believed to be a case of road rage, occurred earlier this week, shocking the local community. The police have now managed to arrest six out of the eleven identified suspects.

The victim, Abhishek Sanjay Bhosale, who resided in Shewalwadi in Manjari, fell victim to a group of 11 people who attacked him in the Fursungi area on the night of December 12. Assistant Inspector Nanasaheb Jadhav, who is leading the investigation, confirmed the arrest of the prime suspect, Vilas Sakat, along with another suspect named Pramod Rakhpasre. The total number of arrests in connection with the case has now reached six, leaving five suspects still at large.

Following their arrest, 38-year-old Sakat and 19-year-old Rakhpasre were remanded to police custody by a court in Pune. The investigation initially led to the apprehension of three suspects, Kailas Sakat, Sachin Sakat, and Prashant Rakhpasre, by the Hadapsar police the day after the murder. The fourth suspect, Dnyaneshwar Rakhpasre, was arrested a day later, while the search continued for the prime suspect and the remaining individuals involved.

The victim, Bhosale, was a successful entrepreneur who owned a business specializing in the manufacturing and marketing of chairs, sofas, and office utilities. He also possessed a warehouse for these items in the Fursungi area. The fatal incident unfolded when Bhosale was driving in the Shewalwadi area at approximately 6:30 pm. Vilas Sakat, in the midst of a dispute with another individual over a minor issue on the road, collided with Bhosale’s vehicle.

An argument ensued between Bhosale and Sakat after the latter allegedly shattered the rearview mirror of Bhosale’s car. Seeking compensation for the damages and hoping to resolve the dispute, Bhosale visited Sakat’s residence later that evening, accompanied by his nephew, Atharva Sabale. However, upon their arrival, another altercation erupted between Bhosale and Sakat outside the house.

Subsequently, a group consisting of Sakat’s family members and friends joined in the assault on Bhosale. The violent mob brutally attacked Bhosale, employing an iron rod, a sharp machete, and a rock, resulting in his tragic demise.

Bhosale leaves behind his mother, wife, and a four-month-old baby. The loss of his father in a hit-and-run accident last year compounds the grief experienced by the family. The community is still reeling from the shocking and brutal nature of the crime, and the police are determined to bring the remaining suspects to justice.

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