Balach Mola Bakhsh : Family Protests Alleged Fake Encounter, Demands Disarmament of CTD

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Counter-Terrorism Department Faces Accusations of Faked Encounter Resulting in Death

In a recent incident on November 22, the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) claimed to have successfully neutralized four terrorists during an encounter on Pasni Road in Turbat. The encounter resulted in the recovery of a significant number of weapons. However, the family of Balach Mola Bakhsh, a 24-year-old who allegedly lost his life in the encounter, has disputed the CTD’s version of events. The family firmly asserts that Balach was not involved in any terrorist activities and had been in custody since his arrest on October 29. They allege that he was unlawfully killed in a staged encounter and then falsely labeled as a terrorist.

In response to Balach’s death, a protest was organized by both men and women in Shaheed Fida Chowk, Turbat on November 23. The demonstrators displayed Balach’s body and held placards featuring pictures of missing individuals, demanding their immediate recovery. Balach Baloch’s father, Mola Bakhsh, lodged a complaint against the CTD SHO and other officials at the City police station in Turbat city on December 9. The complaint included charges of murder and attempted murder.

Taking note of the gravity of the situation, the Balochistan High Court ordered the suspension of four CTD officials from Makran on December 11. The court’s decision aimed to ensure a fair investigation into the allegations made by Balach’s family.

According to local journalist Ayaz Aslam, the family claims that more than 20 armed men forcefully entered their house on October 29, held them captive, and subsequently took Balach Bakhsh with them. Astonishingly, the CTD registered a case against Balach after a 20-day delay, claiming to have recovered weapons from him. The family asserts that they met Balach on November 21 when he was produced in court, casting further doubt on the CTD’s narrative.

The news of the CTD’s alleged killing of four terrorists, including Balach Mola Bakhsh, spread rapidly on November 23. The family’s refusal to bury the body initiated a protest in Turbat, drawing participation from civil society, the Baloch Yakjehti Committee, major political parties, and the general public. Despite a court ruling that FIRs should be registered against the officials involved, the police failed to take action, exacerbating tensions and leading to an expansion of the protest beyond Turbat.

The protest gained momentum, resulting in a three-day shutdown in Turbat, with an increasing number of people joining the cause. After seven days, Balach Baloch’s body was finally laid to rest after consultation with his family, civil society, and the Baloch Yekjahti Committee. Following this, the Baloch Yekjahti Committee announced a long march from Turbat to Quetta, with Samee Deen Baloch, daughter of missing individual Deen Mohammad Baloch, leading the movement.

Samee Deen Baloch highlighted the unjust killing of Balach Baloch by the CTD, emphasizing that his death during custody violated the court’s orders. She also called on the government to disarm the CTD and other agencies that violate the constitution, hold their officials accountable, produce all missing persons in court, and establish a truth commission to investigate Balach’s death and similar incidents involving the CTD.

Despite the ongoing protests and demands for justice, no government agency has initiated dialogue to address these pressing issues. Responding to the caretaker information minister Jan Achakzai’s statement, which labeled the marchers as facilitators of terrorists, Samee Deen Baloch pointed out that Balach had not been declared a criminal by any court. She argued that those who reject court orders are the true terrorists.

The Baloch Yekjahti Committee’s movement continues to gather momentum, with a sit-in protest entering its third day in Quetta. Mah Rang Baloch, another leader of the committee, announced future stages of the long march and urged people to join the protest. The committee plans to hold a seminar in Shal and a shutdown strike in Quetta as part of their ongoing campaign for justice.

In conclusion, the accusations made against the Counter-Terrorism Department regarding the faked encounter and subsequent death of Balach Mola Bakhsh have sparked widespread protests and demands for justice. The Baloch Yekjahti Committee’s movement has gained significant traction, with calls for the government to address the grievances of the victims’ families and ensure accountability within law enforcement agencies.

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