BREAKING : “Odisha Police STF Arrests Kashmiri Youth for Suspected Anti-National Links”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Odisha Police Special Task Force (STF) has made a significant breakthrough in its ongoing crackdown on anti-national elements by apprehending a Kashmiri youth with suspected links to such elements. The accused, identified as Sayed Ishaan Bukhari, hails from the Kupwara district in Jammu and Kashmir.

This 37-year-old individual was found guilty of impersonating a neuro specialist doctor, an army doctor, an officer in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), and a close associate of high-ranking officials from the National Investigation Agency (NIA). The STF has revealed that Bukhari used these false identities to deceive and cheat unsuspecting individuals. Numerous forged documents, including medical degree certificates from prestigious institutions such as Cornel University in the USA and the Canadian Health Services Institute, were seized during the raid conducted in Neulpur, located in Odisha’s Dharmasala area of Jajpur district.

The raid yielded many incriminating materials, including over 100 forged documents such as foreign medical degree certificates, blank signed documents, affidavits, bonds, identity cards, ATM cards, blank cheques, Aadhaar cards, and visiting cards. Moreover, it was discovered that Bukhari had deceitfully entered into marriages with at least 6-7 women from various parts of India, including Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Odisha. He had allegedly presented himself as a doctor with foreign medical degrees to establish romantic relationships with multiple women.

Further investigation into the matter revealed that Bukhari had connections with suspicious individuals in Kerala and certain Pakistani nationals. Additionally, the accused was wanted by the Kashmir Police in relation to a case involving cheating and forgery, and there is an outstanding non-bailable warrant against him.

STF IG Jaynarayan Pankaj, in a briefing to the media, disclosed that Bukhari had also possessed US and Canadian medical certificates and had impersonated himself as an officer in the PMO and the NIA. It was found that he had been residing in Odisha since 2018, where he engaged in various anti-national activities, including maintaining contact with the ISI.

The STF is currently conducting a thorough investigation to gather more information about Bukhari and his illicit activities. The arrest of this individual marks a significant achievement for the Odisha Police STF in their relentless efforts to combat anti-national elements and maintain the nation’s security.

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