Mohammad Hafeez Chak Imtiyaz Khanday Mehnaan Khan : “J&K Police Arrests Hybrid Terrorists Connected to Attack on Policeman in Srinagar”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Jammu and Kashmir Director General of Police, R R Swain, made an announcement on Sunday regarding the arrest of three “hybrid” terrorists who were involved in the recent attack on a policeman in Srinagar. The attack took place on December 9 in the Bemina area, targeting Constable Mohammad Hafeez Chak as he was returning home. The DGP revealed that the conspiracy behind the attack was orchestrated by Pakistan-based terrorist Arjumand alias Hamza Burhan, who collaborated with local mastermind Danish Ahmad Malla to carry out the assault.

During a press conference, DGP Swain stated, “The hybrid terrorists who were involved in the attack have been arrested. This briefing is about the success that the J&K Police has achieved in tracing the killers (attackers) of one of our policemen.” While Constable Chak survived the attack, the individuals who were apprehended, namely Imtiyaz Khanday and Mehnaan Khan, are considered “hybrid” terrorists. These are individuals who carry out attacks and then seamlessly blend back into their normal lives.

According to Swain, Malla recruited Khanday and Khan, who meticulously tracked the policeman for days before executing the attack. The weapon used in the assault, a Turkish pistol Canik TP9, was also recovered. During their interrogation, the arrested terrorists disclosed that they had compiled a list of targets, primarily focusing on policemen but also including non-policemen.

When questioned about their involvement in the killing of Inspector Masroor Wani, the DGP mentioned that the National Investigation Agency (NIA) was handling that particular case. Swain also highlighted a concerning trend of small arms, especially the Canik TP9, being smuggled into Jammu and Kashmir from Pakistan through various means, including the use of drones.

The successful apprehension of these “hybrid” terrorists is a significant achievement for the Jammu and Kashmir Police. It demonstrates their commitment to maintaining law and order in the region and protecting the lives of its citizens, particularly those in the police force who are often targeted by terrorists. The collaboration between the police and intelligence agencies in investigating and neutralizing such threats is crucial in ensuring the safety and security of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

In conclusion, the arrest of these terrorists serves as a reminder of the constant threat faced by the police force in Jammu and Kashmir. The authorities must remain vigilant and continue to work tirelessly to prevent such attacks and bring the perpetrators to justice.

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