Nathan Mithi : Zambian Musician Commits Suicide, Accusing Wife of Infidelity

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Zambian musician Nathan Mithi tragically took his own life following allegations of infidelity against his wife, Sabby Phiri. Mithi, a member of the prominent music group Ghetto Link, was laid to rest on December 14, 2023. In a heart-wrenching suicide note shared on Facebook, Mithi detailed the tumultuous experiences he endured during his marriage, accusing Phiri of cheating, deceit, and a desire for a luxurious lifestyle.

The note read, “If you are seeing this, then I am probably DEAD! She said she needed space, but she was sleeping around. Don’t ignore this, learn from my experience. Sabby, you are the reason for my death.” Mithi also claimed to have caught Phiri engaging in sexual acts with other men on their own marital bed, including a young relative and their landlord, whom he insulted in the post.

The musician explained, “Why did I take my own life? It’s because I loved her with all my heart. I couldn’t tolerate the nonsense she was involved in.” Despite everything, Mithi insisted that his love for Phiri remained unchanged. He left behind five children, three of whom were his own, and two from different fathers. However, he expressed doubt about their paternity, adding, “Anyway, enjoy your life and party harder while you can. Your time will come, Dodx won’t take you anywhere, my boy. Relax.”

Contrary to her late husband’s accusations, Phiri released a statement on Saturday titled “Beyond the accusations: The unseen reality of my story,” in which she denied any infidelity and claimed to have suffered from spousal abuse throughout their marriage. Phiri asserted that Mithi’s death was not related to her alleged infidelity but rather to the overwhelming debt he faced, which contributed to his sleepless nights and inner turmoil.

Phiri shared, “Behind closed doors, I endured relentless abuse from my husband, a painful truth that remained hidden for far too long. It is crucial to reveal the concealed layers of our story obscured by accusations and social media narratives.” She also revealed that she had been blackmailed into silence about the abuse she endured, with threats of tarnishing her reputation and her late husband’s ultimatum to end his life and ruin her name.

Phiri implored the public to refrain from spreading her late husband’s story and instead sought empathy, understanding, and recognition that the truth surpasses the surface-level perceptions influenced by external circumstances. She emphasized that those closest to her could testify to the truth she endured, and their support and validation serve as a reminder that the reality she lived through should not be disregarded.

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