Reena : “Delhi Metro Tragedy: Woman Dies After Saree Gets Stuck in Train Door”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : 35-Year-Old Woman Dies in Tragic Delhi Metro Accident

A 35-year-old woman tragically lost her life on Saturday after getting caught under a metro train at Inderlok Station in Delhi. The incident occurred on December 14 when the victim, Reena, had her saree stuck in the train door, causing her to fall onto the tracks. Dragged along the platform for approximately 25 meters, she eventually collided with a track access gate before succumbing to her injuries at Safdarjung Hospital.

According to a report by The Indian Express, the Delhi Police has taken action under Section 174, stating, “A woman was dragged for several meters along the platform after her saree got stuck in the metro at Delhi’s Inderlok Metro Station. She later died during treatment.” Vicky, a relative of the victim, shared that Reena was traveling from Nangloi in west Delhi to Mohan Nagar when the accident occurred.

Reena’s husband had passed away seven years ago, and she leaves behind a son and daughter. Delhi Metro’s Chief Public Relations Officer, Anuj Dayal, expressed, “An incident took place at Inderlok Metro station on Thursday where prima facie it appears that a woman passenger’s clothes got entangled in a train leading to injuries and subsequent demise in the hospital on Saturday.” Dayal further mentioned that an inquiry into the incident will be conducted by the Commissioner of Metro Railway Safety.

This tragic incident highlights the importance of passenger safety and the need for strict adherence to safety protocols within the Delhi Metro system. It is crucial for authorities to investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident thoroughly and take appropriate measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

The Delhi Metro has been a lifeline for millions of commuters in the city, providing a convenient and efficient mode of transportation. However, incidents like these serve as a reminder of the inherent risks involved in using public transportation systems. It is essential for both authorities and passengers to remain vigilant and prioritize safety at all times.

As the investigation unfolds, it remains to be seen what steps will be taken to enhance safety measures within the Delhi Metro. The loss of a life in such a tragic manner is a somber reminder of the need for continuous improvement and vigilance to ensure the well-being of all passengers.

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