Rudal : Man Arrested for Murdering Friend Over Drugs (Heroin) in Yamunanagar

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : YAMUNANAGAR: A man has been arrested in Yamunanagar for allegedly murdering his friend over drugs. The crime investigation agency (CIA)-I of the Yamunanagar police apprehended the accused, identified as Nadeem from Hamida in Yamunanagar city. The arrest took place on Saturday, and the accused was produced in court on Sunday. The court granted a two-day remand to the CIA-I team for the recovery of mobile phones and the rope used in the murder by strangulation.

The incident occurred when Nadeem murdered his friend Rudal of Hamida, reportedly over the consumption of drugs, specifically heroin. Rudal went missing on December 6, and his body was discovered hidden in bushes on December 14.

According to Inspector Kewal Singh, both Nadeem and Rudal were friends who consumed drugs together. Rudal would bring the drugs, while Nadeem would provide the money. However, disputes began to arise between them as Nadeem felt that Rudal was dominating him and consuming more drugs than he was paying for. The disagreements escalated to physical altercations and verbal abuse.

Inspector Kewal Singh further revealed that Nadeem developed a deep-seated rivalry and felt blackmailed and threatened by Rudal’s constant threats to reveal his drug consumption to his parents. It was under these circumstances that Nadeem planned Rudal’s murder. On December 6, he strangled Rudal with a rope and concealed his body in the bushes.

The arrest of Nadeem brings some closure to the case, shedding light on the tragic consequences of drug abuse and the destructive impact it can have on relationships. The police are now focused on recovering the evidence, including the mobile phones and the murder weapon, to strengthen their case against the accused.

This incident serves as a reminder of the urgent need to address the issue of drug abuse and its detrimental effects on individuals and society. It highlights the importance of education, awareness, and rehabilitation programs to prevent such tragic incidents from occurring in the future. The Yamunanagar police’s swift action in apprehending the accused and their commitment to uncovering the truth is commendable and demonstrates their dedication to maintaining law and order in the city.

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