The victims or deceased names from the given text are: – Itay Chen – Inbar Hayman – Samer Abu Daqqa – Two Christian women (names not provided) : Israel Soldiers’ Conduct Questioned in Killing of Hostages

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Israel’s account of the killing of three hostages in Gaza has resulted in questioning of the conduct of its soldiers. Palestinians have claimed that Israeli soldiers opened fire on civilians attempting to flee to safety, while Hamas has alleged that other hostages were killed by Israeli fire or airstrikes without providing evidence.

An anonymous Israeli military official stated that the hostages were likely abandoned by their captors or had managed to escape. The official added that the soldiers’ behavior went against the rules of engagement and would be thoroughly investigated.

The hostages, all in their 20s, were killed in the Gaza City area of Shijaiyah during intense fighting with Hamas. They were among more than 240 people taken hostage during a raid by Hamas into Israel on October 7, resulting in the deaths of approximately 1,200 people, mostly civilians.

Speaking at a rally in Tel Aviv, Rubi Chen, the father of one of the hostages, criticized the government for relying on military pressure to retrieve the hostages. He urged the government to put forward the best offer to secure their safe return.

The Israeli military official revealed that the three hostages had emerged from a building near Israeli soldiers’ positions. They waved a white flag and were shirtless, presumably indicating that they posed no threat. However, two of them were killed immediately, and the third was shot after running back into the building and screaming for help in Hebrew.

Israeli media provided a more detailed account, stating that soldiers followed the third hostage, shouting at him to come out. When he emerged from a staircase, at least one soldier shot him. It was reported that soldiers had previously seen a nearby building marked with the words “SOS” and “Help! Three hostages,” but they feared it might be a trap.

The killings highlight the dangers faced by hostages in areas of house-to-house combat like Shijaiyah. Hamas has reportedly booby-trapped buildings and ambushed troops from an extensive tunnel network beneath Gaza City.

The war has resulted in significant casualties, with over 18,700 Palestinians killed, according to the Health Ministry in Gaza. The war has also claimed the lives of journalists, with Palestinian journalist Samer Abu Daqqa becoming the 64th journalist to be killed in the conflict.

Despite concerns over civilian casualties, the United States continues to support Israel with weapons shipments and diplomatic backing. However, the U.S. and Israel differ on the issue of who should govern Gaza after the war, with the U.S. advocating for a unified Palestinian government in Gaza and the West Bank as a step towards Palestinian statehood.

While Israel and the U.S. hold differing views on the future of Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated his stance that Israel will retain security in a demilitarized Gaza and expressed pride in preventing the establishment of a Palestinian state.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is traveling to Israel to discuss a timetable for winding down the combat phase of the war. Despite calls for a ceasefire, Netanyahu and military leaders have vowed to continue until they achieve “complete victory,” acknowledging that it will take time.

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