Brian Gray, Michael Xavier Pfender : “18-Year-Old Pennsylvania Man Allegedly Beats Father’s Roommate to Death in Garage”

Death – Obituary – Accident and Crime News : Pennsylvania man Brian Gray is facing charges for the alleged murder of his father’s roommate, 68-year-old Michael Xavier Pfender. The incident occurred on Monday, December 11, and Gray reportedly surrendered to the police the same day.

According to reports from WPDE, law enforcement officials discovered Pfender’s body in a detached garage. The suspect’s father called the police and informed them that his son had killed his roommate. The victim had sustained multiple injuries to the head and face, as determined by the coroner’s office.

The details of the incident began to unfold when Pennsylvania police received an accident report from a house on North Duke Street. The caller provided limited information, referring to the incident as an “accident.” However, when the police arrived at the scene, a witness informed them that Gray had killed Pfender. Gray allegedly admitted his actions, stating, “I f**ked up.”

Further investigation led the police to the garage, where they discovered the victim’s body. Another witness revealed that Pfender lived in the garage and that Gray had become upset over comments he perceived as disrespectful. The witness believed that the two had reconciled before Gray left the garage. However, around 4 am, Gray knocked on a roommate’s door, claiming that Pfender was not breathing.

Gray admitted to killing Pfender and even discussed ways to dispose of the body. Eventually, the witnesses called the police. The Lancaster County Coroner’s Office confirmed that the victim had sustained several traumatic injuries and a defensive wound on his right hand.

Gray turned himself in and is currently being held without bail at the Lancaster County Prison. His next court hearing is scheduled for December 18, 2023. He is facing a criminal homicide charge.

The tragic incident serves as a reminder of the importance of resolving conflicts peacefully and seeking help when needed. The community mourns the loss of Michael Xavier Pfender and offers support to his family during this difficult time. The investigation is ongoing as authorities gather more evidence to build their case against Brian Gray.

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